What is about things that makes you addicted?

Is it some need that is fulfilled?

Some preconceived notion or feeling that wants to be satisfied?

I finally don’t have the daily thought of “oh, I just want to sit down and have a drink”.  Relax and have a drink. Why does a drink become necessary to relax?

What if we replace one thing/thought with another? What if it is now “oh I just want to relax and watch Grey’s Anatomy”. Have I just replaced the one with the other?

Perhaps what I should be thinking is “I can’t wait to go home and play with my dogs”. I wonder how hard that switch will be to make.

But first I want to watch an episode ore two or three of Grey’s.

Vader USDAA 2017-09-17

This weekend Vader and I ventured to a USDAA trial at Daisy Peel’s Clear Mind Agility place. It was a small trial and our ring was outside on very nice green grass! Yesterday was lovely weather and got only a little warm in the afternoon. Today was cooler and very windy but we got done before the rain hit!

Vader ran really really well this weekend! We had 4 runs each day.

Saturday was Starters Standard. He had trouble with the weave poles and after several attempts to get him to take them I aborted and so no Q. Everything else in the run was lovely!

Then came Advanced Gamblers. There was an opportunity to practice those weaves because they were coming up in the next course too. He ran by them the first time but I swung him back around all happy and we took the jump again and then he got them! Didn’t get the gamble but his weaves were lovely!

Then was Steeplechase. He went past the weaves on one of the passes through (had to do them twice) but the other time he nailed them. We did circle back around when he ran by and he got them on the second try. We were too slow by 2 seconds or something to Q but that’s ok.

Then was Advanced Snooker. It was a great run. No problems except for me not getting to position correctly so that was a Q.

Sunday we started with Starters Standard and he nailed the weaves on the first try! I bobbled a little but we pulled off a Q!

Second was Starters Pairs. We paired with Gadjet, a young BC. We both did great and Vader got to repeat those weaves!

Third was second round of Steeplechase. Started with jump weaves again and we were well versed by then and he did great!

Fourth and final run was Starters Jumpers. I often leave early and miss this run but since it was only noon, we stayed. We had one Q already and didn’t need more, but since we were there…. Vader had a lovely run and again, I bobbled a bit but still pulled out a Q!

We ended up getting second in our jump height for Steeplechase and Third overall in our height for Standard! I am very pleased with his runs and eagerness to play with me.


The spoon theory is that we all have so many spoons at the start of each day. As your day goes on, you use up the spoons. For some people a spoon may be used going to work. Or just getting out of bed. Some people may use lots of spoons to go to the store. And at the end of the day we hope that there are spoons left. When we run out of spoons it becomes harder and harder to cope or manage stressful situations. Once you are out of spoons, it’s almost impossible.

I think my spoons have been depleted for a while. I have found it hard to socialize with people. Even my husband at times. I want to be left alone to do my own thing and just be me. 
This theory could be applied to dogs as well. Some dogs have lots of spoons and cope really well. Others do not. I think Twitch has very few. Like me.

How do I replenish spoons? A day to myself. A hike in the woods. Snuggles with my dogs.

Kick In The Pants

It’s what I need. A kick in the pants to get my shit together, stop watching TV and start planning some actual training with my dogs.

Problem is that I am tired. All the time. I struggle at work lately to focus and get my brain going. I think about training all the time but I can’t put that into a training plan.

And that is what I need. A list of things to train. Agility class has been on break since June and while the time was well used on the patio, I have done very little to progress our training. Class begins again next week so maybe I will get my act together and start training again.