CPE Fleet Feet 2016-09-17/18

Twitch and I returned to agility competition this past weekend.  We attended the Fleet Feet CPE trial. We entered both days with the understanding that we were both out of shape and I may not be able to run.

First run was Jackpot and we tried for the higher point item but didn’t make it. So we bailed and went on to the other one which we did get. Q for us! He ran fast and fun with some confusion at the higher point gamble but we both recovered nicely.

Next up was Standard. He was again running fast and happy. Because I forgot to decel at a slight turn for the aframe/tunnel discrimination, he took the tunnel so no Q but we had fun.

Third run on Saturday was Wildcard. It’s a short course where at three points you have to make a choice. We did great though both of us were slowing down. Another Q.

Last class on Saturday was Colors. Another short course and he almost went off course but didn’t so another Q!

Sunday my foot was feeling ok so off we went again. Fullhouse was first and that was a good run, though slower than Saturday’s first run. Still a Q and I picked a fun course of tunnels.

Next was Standard and my foot was hurting a bit and by the time I walked the course my foot was lightly throbbing so I decided it was our last run. Twitch was tired too. He was not super fast but he was doing great and nailed his weaves. I think his tired brain needed more support from me because he ran past a jump but we circled around and picked it up to get our first Level 5 Q. 

Four more Standard Qs, a couple in each of the other classes and we will have our CATCh!  Plus we have enough Qs to apply for Nationals! Woot!!

One Month

That’s how long we have owned the house and I would say we have about half the things unpacked. 

We have rearranged the kitchen twice.

We painted everything but the stairwell.

We had new flooring put in downstairs. We stained and put up trim around said floors.

The 27th they install a new bathroom counter top.

We are still not organized enough for me and have half a dozen kitchen boxes to unpack.

We have taken long walks around the property.

We have enjoyed drinks on the deck as the sun sets.

We have enjoyed stars as the sun sets earlier and earlier. 😀

Week Something

I think it’s 12 weeks post broken foot and four weeks post house purchase? We finally got the last coat of paint on in the bathroom today. We have some small bits to redo but the majority is done.  Now to get a light fixture, hinges, door handles and finish the doors and we are all set! Oh and reattach the toilet tank and buy a new shower head. Just a few things.

Downstairs the new floor looks great! 

We are eager to get the trim done so we can begin moving stuff and focusing on other things like unpacking. But by bit we are getting there!

Almost there?

The floors are being redone downstairs, half done today, the rest tomorrow. They had to grind down part of the slab to make it level and my god the dust! I just hope we can get the downstairs clean again!

Bathroom upstairs is sum till only 80% done. Need to sand and prime some cabinets and then paint everything. I hope we can get “moved in” this weekend after floors and bathroom at done.

So ready for this to be over with.

It’s Been Hard

This broken foot thing. Has. Been. Hard.

It’s been hard to be careful and idle when that is not me.

It’s been hard letting 9 weeks of agility training slide by without being able to do anything about it.

It’s been hard reading friend’s posts about trials and training.

It’s been hard to be ok with all of this.

I am not an idle person. I do things. All the time. And I miss running with my dogs.

Classes are going to be starting up again. Twitch needs 6 more Qs for Nationals and I’m not sure if I will be able to run in order to get them by the end of the year. A big goal/dream and I can feel it slipping away.

I have been trying to keep the dogs in shape by doing proprioception and conditioning exercises with them. None of that compares to working on our handling though. Some of our cues need work.

This is our “spot” cue, which should be a 2o2o!

I still have pain when I walk and the doc said mid-September before I can run safely. It takes too long!

The old house is getting packed. The new house is mostly painted. Still have bathrooms and cleanup to do. Tomorrow we need to pick up all the plastic and trash so when the movers arrive with the first truck of stuff on Saturday they have space to put them!

So much to do. So much I want to do that does not deal with the house.