Ankle Month 4ish

It’s been since June 13th and it’s now October 15th, so just about 4 months since I broke my foot. It still hurts and I’m still doing PT. I did agility last night with Vader and today the pain was the worst it’s been for a while.

It’s not uncommon for it to begin hurting after spending a lot of time on it, but it happened fast today. It also lasted into the evening to the point where I didn’t want to put weight on it for long.  I also had a lot of back pain this morning.

So last night I ran agility and didn’t roll my legs before bed.  Today had the worst back pain I’ve had in a while and my foot hurt twice as much.  Hmmm…


I have a secret passion to be better about my dog training. I wish I had the drive to work harder at it but darn it, sometimes I just want to sit on the couch and drink a beer. Or two.

I did play with the dogs and we worked on a couple tricks we haven’t done in a while. Considering Vader joined us on the couch later I would say he had fun and was a bit tired from it.

We were supposed to begin agility classes for Twitch tonight but a wind advisory postponed the first day. Probably not a bad idea.

I wanted to do a number of things tonight but didn’t get any of them done. The weekend of rain forecasted will give me plenty of time. 🙂

Slow down!

I need my life to slow down a bit. We have so many things going on, so many projects in various stages that we have enough to work on for weeks. I would like a chill out evening sometime soon where I sit on the couch and watch TV for a couple hours. Is that too much to ask?
Tonight we moved a couple yards of rock and spread a couple yards of mulch. Then went to Lowes to get faucets, grass seed and bike hooks. Just open the door and throw the money out. Sheesh.
I am behind on signing up for trials and I am no where near where I had hoped to be with Vader this year. I had hoped to have his novice Rally title by now. One step at a time.

CPE Fleet Feet 2016-09-17/18

Twitch and I returned to agility competition this past weekend.  We attended the Fleet Feet CPE trial. We entered both days with the understanding that we were both out of shape and I may not be able to run.

First run was Jackpot and we tried for the higher point item but didn’t make it. So we bailed and went on to the other one which we did get. Q for us! He ran fast and fun with some confusion at the higher point gamble but we both recovered nicely.

Next up was Standard. He was again running fast and happy. Because I forgot to decel at a slight turn for the aframe/tunnel discrimination, he took the tunnel so no Q but we had fun.

Third run on Saturday was Wildcard. It’s a short course where at three points you have to make a choice. We did great though both of us were slowing down. Another Q.

Last class on Saturday was Colors. Another short course and he almost went off course but didn’t so another Q!

Sunday my foot was feeling ok so off we went again. Fullhouse was first and that was a good run, though slower than Saturday’s first run. Still a Q and I picked a fun course of tunnels.

Next was Standard and my foot was hurting a bit and by the time I walked the course my foot was lightly throbbing so I decided it was our last run. Twitch was tired too. He was not super fast but he was doing great and nailed his weaves. I think his tired brain needed more support from me because he ran past a jump but we circled around and picked it up to get our first Level 5 Q. 

Four more Standard Qs, a couple in each of the other classes and we will have our CATCh!  Plus we have enough Qs to apply for Nationals! Woot!!