It’s Been Hard

This broken foot thing. Has. Been. Hard.

It’s been hard to be careful and idle when that is not me.

It’s been hard letting 9 weeks of agility training slide by without being able to do anything about it.

It’s been hard reading friend’s posts about trials and training.

It’s been hard to be ok with all of this.

I am not an idle person. I do things. All the time. And I miss running with my dogs.

Classes are going to be starting up again. Twitch needs 6 more Qs for Nationals and I’m not sure if I will be able to run in order to get them by the end of the year. A big goal/dream and I can feel it slipping away.

I have been trying to keep the dogs in shape by doing proprioception and conditioning exercises with them. None of that compares to working on our handling though. Some of our cues need work.

This is our “spot” cue, which should be a 2o2o!

I still have pain when I walk and the doc said mid-September before I can run safely. It takes too long!

The old house is getting packed. The new house is mostly painted. Still have bathrooms and cleanup to do. Tomorrow we need to pick up all the plastic and trash so when the movers arrive with the first truck of stuff on Saturday they have space to put them!

So much to do. So much I want to do that does not deal with the house.


Things I am looking forward to in no particular order:
1) Not having to tape and paint rooms of the house.

2) Planning my agility barn and field.

3) Lovely evenings on the deck.

4) Someday walking without pain in my foot.

5) My vacation in a couple weeks with a good friend from home that I haven’t seen in a long time.

6) Camping this weekend.

7) Playing agility again.
Things I am not looking forward to:

1) Priming, mudding, priming and painting the bathroom.

2) Leaving this neighborhood (it’s a great neighborhood!)

3) Dragging trash and recycle up and down a 200 foot driveway.

First week of work!

Today marks the end of the first week of work on the house.

We have painted the downstairs.

Torn down the shelves in my office.

Painted the master bedroom.

And destroyed the upstairs bathroom. The wall paper was applied directly to the drywall so the glue sealed the paper and drywall surface together. So now we need to prime, then spackle, then prime and then paint! With maybe some wall texture thrown in if we can’t do a good job with the spackle.

I am exhausted and sore all over. It took me from noon to midnight with Christy’s help from about 3 and on, to strip all the paper. Then Kris and I spent a couple hours today cleaning the walls of debris and residual paper. What a mess!

Tomorrow we rest. Chat with family (me) and game (Kris).  Tuesday we get back at it with priming the bathroom and taping a bedroom. I will pack a few boxes tomorrow and dremmel the dogs nails too. Provides I can raise my arms.

House Ownership

I do believe that we own a house! Sellers got the pool table out on Saturday and we take key possession tomorrow. Tuesday I start cleaning the damn place. Cobwebs and spiders galore! Plus millipedes and dead bugs from the fumigation on Friday. Yay.

Rough Day

Woke up this morning with a knot in my neck/shoulder that hurts when I turn my head or tilt my head back.

Then I was throwing treats for Twitch and he started pooping in the house.

My foot still hurts.

So I am having a rough day.

I thought about taking the dogs to the dog park, but if they should take off or get into it with another dog, my inability to move quickly could hamper their safety.

I thought about taking them to the new house to run a bit, but same scenario but with wildlife. 

I could try taking them for walks but I know they will pull through excitement and I’m not sure my foot is ready.

I can’t do the things I want to do and that is bringing me down. Add to that the pain in my foot, the neck spasm and the stress of shelling out $43k on a house that has been nothing short of stressful and I’m a mess. I don’t know how to fix me. 

I miss Kris. He is traveling this week. He slows me down and frustrates me but he keeps me sane. He helps me and takes care of me. Even if I don’t think I need it, I do.