I’ve done it again

I have mega sunburn. I have done so good this summer so far with putting on suntan Ihre lotion before working outside, but apparently I failed today. My shoulders are bright red. I mean bright red! If I don’t peel, then I will be shocked. I am planning to aloe my shoulders frequently to help me not to peel, but we’ll see. I am going to be hurty tomorrow.


On other notes I got lots done today. I reworked the dog pen, made it a little smaller but not a ton. I put a PVC gate Dealer on each side so now we can get the mower in either side. Plus we can now trim along the deck easier too. I also added “shade” to the dog pen in the form of two posts hammered into the center of the pen with one of the umbrellas in between. And open. So my plan is to leave that sucker up and open all the time. The dogs actually used the shade this evening Fun during open practice, so it is a good thing. ?


Then I planted my pussy willow outside the kitchen window so I can see it when I wash dishes now. That got me messing with PRODEX dirt which led to the next task.

I also emptied all the flower pots that have been growing volunteer maple trees. Plus all the cheap nfl jerseys large pots in the rock garden. wholesale nba jerseys That was a back breaking job I must say. I did move everything into the garage and did all that there though. ? I then used all that dirt to fill in a few spots in the agility field.

Then I ran open ???????????? practice, had 2 folks come which is always good. wholesale jerseys Tasha and Kota did pretty well especially since I withheld dinner from them. ?

After that, cheap jerseys inside to feed the dogs, Weekend shower and eat dinner myself. I had my leftover calzone from Lennie’s and made the leftover chicken thigh into chicken salad with chipotle mayo for tomorrow’s lunch.

Now it’s NCIS and wine, Sangria from Lesson Oliver Winery.

I did sleep cheap nba jerseys in today, got out of bed about 11am. I took Kris to the airport yesterday. ? This time was not as hard as the first time and I’m not sure why. Perhaps because I know I will see him again, or perhaps because things have been put in motion to move me out there, so I feel like I have more of a timeline and/or plan of attack, so to speak. Don’t get me wrong, it was still hard. I’m going to put the house on the market soon and cleaning up the leftover flower pots was part of that “sprucing up”. I’ve gotten permission to work remotely on a trial basis after October and I’ve come to terms with selling a lot of our furniture and stuff.

Most of the loose ends are now with the club, which is whole ‘nother issue in and of conference itself.

One thought on “I’ve done it again”

  1. I love you and can’t thank you enough for how supportive you have been of me. You are amazing and I’m very, very lucky. It was really hard for me to leave this time, I think it was because I’m not sure when I’m going to see you again. I had a great visit this last time home, quality time baby 🙂

    Now eat some good food and try not to get completely fried! 😀


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