Snow Day Fun…

Our first real snow of the season was on Saturday, December 4th.  I took the pups out back to play in the snow and below is a brief account of our escapades.

Are we gonna go play ma?

Yeah! Are we?

We’re ready!

After I took their leashes off once in the field… Zoom!!

Tasha going for the dance away move.

Then coming back in for the bite.

Flying in for the attack…

Dance away move again….

Stalemate as they both stick their tongues out at each other.

Then Tasha did some zoomies and I got Flying Tasha!

Snowy Kota. I really like this pic.

Sent them into the tunnel to get pics of them coming out.

Ok we’re ready to go inside now, it’s cold.

Overall a very fun time spent in the snow.

Then later, I get this from Kota. 🙁