kinda sucks.

So two things I’ve learned about Oregon.

First, if you take narcotics for pain like I do (chronic low back pain) you are treated as if you are an abuser of drugs. In order to refill a script, you have to submit to urine testing. Um, if I’m taking the drug, won’t I test positive for it? Ya think?  But apparently someone like me that gets a “30 day” supply and refills MAYBE every 6 months, that perhaps I’m not an abuser and I actually *need* the drugs? Nope, doesn’t matter, the doc said anyone in Salem, OR that takes narcotics has to submit to random drug screening…. um, well shit ok.  This would be less of a hassle if the doc (any doc)  was in network out here and my doctor’s visits didn’t cost me out of network benefits! So you know what this means right? I will just double and triple up on advil or alleve if I am in bad shape. Doesn’t matter if one pill of a narcotic would suffice, nope, multiples of OTC will have to do.

Second, you can’t get Sudafed from the pharmacy without a prescription.  WTF?  I have to go to the doctors office, AGAIN, just to get a script for what used to be an over the counter drug that helps with my allergies in the spring? You mean that if I get a cold and want sinus decongestion I have to go the fucking doctor’s first?!! Seriously?  And before someone says oh well try the non-pseudoephedrine stuff, well I have and it doesn’t work nearly as well as the real stuff! That’s why there’s a couple boxes of that crap in my medicine cabinet and I’m all out of the real Sudafed.  *sobs*

So if anyone from a non-Oregon state decides to send me a care package, could you please include some Sudafed? Preferably the 12 hour so that I can sleep all night long without waking up feeling like I can’t breathe because my nasal passages have closed over with mucuos.  Thankyouverymuch.