Adventures in Freestyle

I know in my last post I said I was going to post pics of our trip to the beach, well you can get them here.

This post is going to be about Freestyle again. 🙂

Tasha and I are moving right along in our training. She now has a larger bag of tricks to select from and the challenge now will be to narrow down the ones I want to use in our first competition in May.  We’re going to dance to the Summer of ’69 and we need to come up with a routine of 1:35 seconds.  I think we can do it, heck we can heel around the ring for that long and that’s all that Heelwork to Music is all about!

One thing I like about agility over freestyle is that in agility, I have to train a bunch of skills and then hope they are enough the day of the trial. With freestyle I have to train a bunch of skills, put them in a specific order and then put that order to music so it all flows together nicely. This will be my challenge.

To start, I am going to list all of our tricks that are at least on physical/verbal cue.

Tricks on Physical/Verbal Cue
Roll over – V
Play dead – V
Spin left – V
Spin right – V/P
Backup in sync – V/P
Backup in Front position – V/P
Pick up right or left paw – V/P
Circle around to Heel position – V/P
Weave my legs w/ me walking forward – V/P

New Tricks We Have Started
Weave my legs w/ me walking backwards
Beg with front feet on my stomach
Peek a boo (stand between my legs)
Circle backwards around me

We are also working on getting into Heel or Side position on verbal cues. Using platforms for this. I uploaded some videos to YouTube of our most recent class.

Platform Work

Working on Crawl

Working on Backup

And a pick of our Beg trick.