A Day in the Life

Today I didn’t get up and do my exercises. I did play fetch with Twitch though while Shadow ate her breakfast.

I came home at lunch and worked weaves with Twitch. It was a nice day and I set up a jump. He kept popping the last two poles.

So after work I got out a 2×2 and added that to the end of the weaves, so 14 poles. He had some trouble but finally managed to get it. The 2×2 was angled a bit for assistance. He is getting there!

Then I came inside and hemmed and hawed about running. I didn’t want to run Twitch because I wanted him to have energy for tricks later. So that would have meant running alone, in the dark. At least with Twitch along I hope I present a less attractive target. So I went to the gym. Gah I hate running on a treadmill. Bleh.

Then came home and worked some energy games of tossing cookies one way and then another for Twitch. We started working on him putting toys in a basket. Then we worked on his tugging, his cover himself with a blanket trick and grabbing a leash tab on Shadow’s harness.

Now I think he is expecting Kris to come home and is perked up to all the noises and car doors outside. Ugh. High pitched alarm barks are no fun!