Thoughts Day Four

I miss him.

He always got up with me and kept me company while I did my stretches before work. No more.

He guarded our bedroom from bad guys and laid by the door most nights. He has passed the guarding and alerting on to Twitch who still has lots to learn.

Kris made a comment today that he felt like he had been missing him for a while. I agree, Kota just wasn’t the same and that is what happens when you care for a dog so well that age and cancer take them in the end.

We got his ashes back today. More tears.

The end of an era. Pepper, then Tasha, then Jett and now Kota. The original Flying Paws Agility dogs have all passed on. Xen, Kate and Twitch are left to take up the slack and keep us moving forward.

Run pain free buddy.