Half Marathon Anyone?

I signed Kris and I up for a half marathon. In May. May 2nd to be exact. I may never run another one because this one starts at 7am! That is absurdly early. And it’s in Eugene! Ugh! We may get a hotel down there the night before because who wants to drive an hour that early on a Saturday? Blech.

So for Valentine’s Day this year we took Twitch and Shadow to Henline Falls. It was an easy, slow hike for the old girl. Twitch did ok for passing a couple terriers on trail and meeting a big lab mix at the falls. Then we stopped at the grocery store and grilled steak and potatoes. It really was a nice day. Oh and the weather has been fabulous!


Today I took Twitch to the park to work on stranger approaches and not reacting to dogs. We also worked on some tricks and behaviors to help generalize them. He did well! Making progress!