Thoughts and Ponderings

Sometimes I think I should leave Facebook. It makes me sad and sometimes angry. I have already hidden posts from some people because they either post too much political crap that makes me angry or they post too many religious memes and quotes. Hey my wall, my rules.

Lately people I have known through the Internet since about 2005 from the original iDog Forums, have been losing their dogs. Not losing as in they are lost and looking for them, but that they have gotten old and are passing on. All our dogs were young about that time and that is no longer the case.

Bevo, Amanda’s Doberman.
Rupert, Janice’s Viszla.
Willow, Lori-Ann’s blue Chow Chow.

It’s just so sad that sometimes the weight and grief of it all is just oppressive. I don’t know how to deal with it well. Just a whole rash of pups passing on lately and I watch as Shadow declines slowly every day.

Rupert and Willow were sudden. Cancer. Bleeding out. Like Tasha. 🙁