Weekend Away

So our weekend away without the dogs was nice. I took naps. I slept in. I missed the pups. 😉

We drove up Thursday to Kent, WA to the house of Lande with Bryan and Michelle Decker. We left early in the day and stopped at a Lego store in Canby. Got to Kent about 6pm. Snoozed in the car.

I got up on Friday with Kris to drive the boys into Seattle and then I went to Green Lake for a run. Plan was 4 miles, did 6. Go me! Thought about 9.5 but decided to wait for Kris on that one. Headed back to the Lande’s and showered, ate some food and then began reading World War II. Nap. 

The boys returned from Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC) day 1 around 5pm and then we all went to Nick’s Youth Symphony performance. They did a great job. 🙂

Saturday woke up at 7am to shower and prepare for ECCC day two which we were all doing. We took the train in, all 8 of us and then the bus because they were working on the tunnel. 

ECCC was fun. Lots of people dressed in costumes, lots of good panels. I got to see and listen to Anthony Daniels who was C3PO in Star Wars. It was really fun to hear Anthony Daniels say some of the lines from the movies. One of the lines he said he says alot either in his head or out loud is “We’re doomed”. It was just really neat.

We also listened to Amanda Tapping from Stargate and Clark Gregg who plays Agent Coulson in the Avengers and Agents of Shield. 

We stayed for the costume contest and that was pretty cool. Lots of neat stuff and talent in them. Oh and I took a few pictures.

The Princess Bride cast.

This female Loki was very cool!

And of course R2D2!

Sunday I got to sleep in. I tried to go back to sleep after the guys left for ECCC day three but couldn’t fall asleep. I guess I had enough! So I got up, showered and took Terra for a short walk. Then hit the train to head home! The train was pretty fun. I took two beers with me and after reading some more from WW2, had one and then the other an hour later. The train claimed to have WiFi but apparently only when cell service was available and even then not as much as along the highway! So that was annoying but ok.

It is good to be home, in my own bed, with my Twitch beside me.