This morning I got up at 5am to get ready for an agility trial in WA with Twitch. Usually when I get up before Kris, I see Shadow laying on the dog bed near the door. If not there then in the opposite corner. This morning she was not in either. But neither was Twitch! I walked around to Kris’ side looking for Twitch and he was curled up at the end of the dog bed on Kris’ side with Shadow sprawled out over 3/4’s of the bed! I thought about taking a picture but didn’t want to wake Kris. Twitch did not want to get up this AM. Can’t say I really blame him, 5am is really early.

Edit to Add: apparently tonight they are sharing again! I don’t know what it is about that corner!

So yesterday and today we did the CAT Spring Classic with 5 runs each day. Usually we have 4 each day. Yesterday we got 2 Q’s out of 5 and today we got 3 out of 5. Not bad for the troubles we have had recently and this being our second time at this location. Some things we need to work on, turns, weaves and now apparently teeters. Teeters are a new thing which is great. Not! He has been good on them but has had a few rough encounters so back to high value rewards on that for a while. Yay.  Overall he did ok but definitely need to work on things.


Weaves with speed and distractions

Turns with distractions

So I need to take weaves, tunnels and jumps on the road to new places and work on it. Set up some speed drills and weaves and just put a plan in place.

10 runs was a lot for both of us. Someone zonked out so hard he ended up upside down.