So I played kickball with some co-workers on Thursday night. I did ok. I can mostly kick the ball and I can run. They had me playing second base and I almost caught a fly ball but didn’t. It’s scary having a large red ball coming at your face!

So then the next morning, this morning, I woke up with heel pain. It’s on the back of my heel, low on the sides but not the bottom. Infamous Google search points to Achilles’ tendon strain. Yay.  I iced it some today and have ibuprofen on board.

Shelby might have to run Twitch tomorrow if it’s not better. Right now it’s throbbing but not too bad. I know it’s there and that is probably not a good sign.

Good thing I didn’t have any plans this weekend. Ugh! The yard needs mowed, the weeds are out of control and agility trial! Poopy!!