And It Gets Better

And by better I mean much much worse. After a fun weekend of kayaking and having a great time while not stressing my legs out, my latest issue has surfaced.

And by surfaced I mean hit me in the knee with a 2 ton wrecking ball.

I woke up this morning and found that if I extended my right leg all the way, my knee hurt. It was this weird feeling where it felt like it could hyper-extend and not be good. So I was careful to not let my leg extend all the way and everything seemed fine.

I went to work and hadn’t been there more than 10 minutes when my knee popped as I was walking back to my desk. The pain was intense for a couple seconds and then subsided a bit. Took a step and more pain. I hobbled and limped back to my desk. I couldn’t bend it more than 45 degrees without pain and couldn’t extend it all the way.

Went to the Doctor where they diagnosed a possible meniscus tear. Sent me for X-rays and I get crutches tomorrow. First PT and then if they think it’s a meniscus tear and it’s not getting better, an MRI and possibly surgery.

Fuck my life.