One Week Later

Last Monday I felt something in my knee pop and then end in severe pain. I couldn’t straighten my leg or bend more than 45 degrees. I thought for sure this was it. This was me Doing Major Damage.

I got in to see the PT on Friday. By then my knee felt almost normal again which was great! PT says my patella subluxated. That is better than a tear! 

So 6 weeks of PT and we see how it goes. I went for a mile run on Saturday and knee did fine. I did tape it and will continue to do so going forward for agility and running. 

I really hope this time we can make some progress on the reasons my knee subluxated and we can fix it!

In better news I started my new position today at MCAD. ISS 7 now. Looking forward to the new responsibilities and I hope we can find a good replacement for my old position.

A week from Thursday I will be on my way to Bend for agility camp! Looking forward to it. I hope Twitch and I survive 3 days of living in the van together!

The little stinker likes strawberries. We happen to have a patch at the house in the agility field. He likes to go grazing. Today I had picked a handful and was taking them inside. One of them was actually two berries attached to each other with stems. One was dangling as I was opening the door into the house. Twitch took the opportunity to try and grab the dangler! Lol. I think the look on his face was priceless when he realized I saw him and the berry didn’t come free! He had his mouth completely around the little berry and then spit it out when I saw him. Lol. Little stinker. I told him to get it and he bit the berry off and ate it.