Ups and Downs

On Sunday morning Twitch and I went to Argus Ranch for a USDAA TRIAL trial hosted by Red Hot Rovers. We just entered Gamblers because it was first of the day and then we could head home.

Twitch did very well in our run. He nailed a hard entry to the weaves and got the gamble! We messed up a slice to the Aframe but it’s ok.

Then in class on Tuesday night his first run he wouldn’t stop sniffing, so I carried him out. His second was better and third and fourth better still. I was trying to rev him up and it just wasn’t working! So frustrating.

This morning I wanted to work on his bow trick but he wouldn’t  stand. Grr.

However tonight he did really well at the park playing agility! He was a little slower than I would like but he was running well and got most of his weave entries!

I tell ya, agility is humbling!