Shadow 1998-2015

Shadow was a lab beagle mix that Kris’ mom got as a pup. The first two years she spent in a backyard getting into trouble. Stories are that she would pull the laundry down and reek other havoc on items left outside.

Kris took her when she was about 2 years old, in 2001. That is when I met him.

He asked me to watch her one weekend and I took her with Kota and Tasha over to my sister’s house. They were having a cookout and my parents were in town. I had Shadow on a tie out on the deck and the other two were inside. We were just sitting down to eat steaks and Brian had placed his plate with steak at the end of the table and turned around to do something on the grill. Shadow walked right up and pulled that steak right off his plate! Brian retrieved it, rinsed it off and ate it anyway. And that was my families’ first intro to her.

Kris and I would meet at the dog park and go for walks or just chat while the dogs played. One day Kota took off playing chase and Shadow chased him down and attacked him. She left a scrape on his butt but after that Kota didn’t play chase at the dog park anymore. They never got into another fight, Kota just stayed out of her way.

Kris and I moved in together and our three dogs coexisted most of the time. Shadow and Tasha got into trouble together and because of each other but Shay was definitely happier with other dogs than without. Before we moved in together Shadow had some serious separation anxiety. She destroyed the blinds in his apartment. She shredded a pillow that was left next to her crate. Once she had other dogs in the house, she was fine!

Shadow traveled from Indiana to Oregon and lived to be 17 years old. She went hiking, boating, RVing and even learned some agility. She was a tough old dog and will be greatly missed.