I want to write a post because I’m less tired than other nights and then I open this app to write, and nothing comes to mind.

I ran 5 miles last night. We have a 10K (6 miles) on Sunday North of Seattle. I am undecided about running tomorrow at this point. It will depend on how my knees feel, probably should have iced them tonight. I would much rather go work on some speed drills with Twitch in a big field but it’s supposed to be 95 degrees tomorrow. 

We hid inside tonight. I fully planned to go for a walk or do something more active but he got comfy on my lap while I was finishing watching my dinner TV show. So I had to watch another, couldn’t disturb the little guy now could I?

I am behind two or three months on my Clean Runs again. One of the articles looks good too. Maybe I will try to read it at lunch tomorrow.

Saturday my friend Ahelby is competing with Squall in his first CPE trial. I’m going to go and watch their first run and then head for Seattle to meet up with Kris at the Lande’s.

Oh, we did go to the beach on Labor Day. Spent the day walking the beach and even drove on the beach! Twitch did so well too with all the people and other dogs. He listened very well!  I thought for sure he would bark at the waves but he didn’t. He did bark at the crashing waves in this one hollow area. Had to put him on leash because I thought he might get too close and get washed away in a wave.

This is where he really wanted to get in and bite the waves. NOT a good idea.