Flying Home

We are on the plane! So far puppy is doing well. He barked a couple times when we first got on but has been asleep since. It’s a 4 hour flight so I hope he can make it! We walked around the airport and I gave him opportunities to use a pee pad but no dice. He did pee and poop right before entering the airport though.

The week has been a whirlwind and he is doing great! We picked him up on Tuesday from the breeder’s house. The first hour in the car there was some barking but we worked through it. After getting Kat he barked a couple times but settled for the rest of the drive.

Tuesday night we had a bunch of people over to Steph’s house for food and drinks. Puppy enjoyed meeting everyone and we started the crate time before folks arrived. He got a few short stints in the crate while we ate but otherwise was out and playing. He barked just a little bit at bedtime but otherwise settled well. I got up at 3 to take him out and he barked a couple times after going back in the crate but again settled well.

On Wednesday he got to hang out at Upland for a bit. We were blessed with some really nice weather on Tues, Wed and Thurs. Wednesday night puppy and I went to Joanna’s and he was great in the car. He played at Joanna’s and got to be off leash outside for a bit in her fenced yard. He was afraid of Tully so they didn’t get to meet and play, I forget how big Tully is compared to my current dogs! Lol

Thursday we went to Carol McMillan’s for Thanksgiving dinner. Puppy hung out in the crate in the car but he made two appearances to play and explore. The humans played cards and I really enjoyed the time with family. I hadn’t seen my aunts and uncles in 3 years and my cousins in even longer! I missed them. I started crying after final hugs and goodbyes. 

Friday we had brunch with Dave, Tiffany and Julianna. They got to meet puppy too. It was nice to see them. Friday was a low key hang out kind of day which was awesome. We stayed in, played cards and played with puppy. Bryan and Michelle came over and played with puppy too. It was good to see them too! Next time they see puppy he will look quite a bit different.

We got to see Fern and Josh with Jude on Monday. It was really good to see them too. Gosh having kids around really is like having a puppy. I’ve been tired quite a bit this week and only Twice has puppy laid down on his own to sleep without being put in the crate first. So about 20 hours to wear him out!

We have this flight to Las Vegas and then a long layover so we can take puppy outside. Then home.

Twitch has been in boarding and I hope he is doing ok. We pick him up on Sunday. I really hope he and puppy get along.

Names! We haven’t named puppy yet. We have thrown out a litany of names but nothing seems to fit.

Wookie, Chewbacca, StormTrooper, Vader, Darth, Sparta, and on and on. We are calling him StormTrooper today. 🙂