The Joys of Puppyhood

The middle of the night potty breaks. 

The screaming and barking when puppy can’t see you from his crate.

The sharp needle like teeth.

The diarrhea… Wait what?! Yeah puppy has diarrhea. Pretty bad too. No parasites or known causes so it’s suggested it’s the Canidae for we were switching him to. Started Tuesday night and Thirsday afternoon at 4 he was still shooting liquid out of his butt. Luckily no blood and no vomiting, so not a blockage either. So now he is on probiotics, antibiotics and an anti-diarrheal to help firm things up a bit.

I weighed him over the weekend and the scale said 14 pounds. Tonight he is 12.2. So he has not gotten a lot of nutrition the last two days but so far his bland wet food hasn’t come out.

Ah yes, the eating everything.

The cute puppy pounces.

The insatiable desire to play.

The puppy grunts and growls as he finds his voice.

His love of play with Twitch or me.

Ah the joys of puppyhood. 🙂