New Year, New Adventures!

It is now 2016. 2015 brought a lot of sadness but a lot of other things as well. Heck the last five years have been tough! We lost the original four and I still cry for them and will for a while I’m sure. 

Looking back on this past year we lost Kota in January. I didn’t expect him to make it to 2015 when we found out in December 2014 that he had cancer. He fought that demon for 13 months.

We lost Shadow in early August. She had been fighting a mass in her abdomen and repeated episodes of bloat. She lived a long life of 17 years.

We got Twitch in October 2013, a few months after we lost Tasha. He was my new heart. To help me with Kota’s passing. He took that job very seriously and has done great. We have accomplished so much in the two years he has lived with us. He is in Level 4 CPE and Performance 2 in everything but Snooker which he is in Performance 3!  He has learned over 30 cues and is such a fun little dog to train with.


Then we brought on Vader. The Icelandic Sheepdog puppy. He has been fun and frustrating. Right now my big peeve is that I haven’t gotten more than 6 hours of sleep in a row since November when we got him! I knew this going in and hopefully by the end of January he will be able to sleep overnight for longer. He is picking up tricks and behaviors and I think a name, finally. Derp Vader. I will call him Vader and Kris will call him Derp. 

Let’s see what else?  I got a promotion at work. Kris and I ran a 1/2 marathon together. Kris became an uncle on his side in November. We kayaked, hiked and snowshoed. We kept very busy this year and hope to keep doing things we find fun in 2016.

What will 2016 bring? I am hoping a new house for us. We are currently looking for the right place. We are picky so it could take some time.

We plan to go to Hawaii (or Ireland) and I’m looking forward to either trip. 

Other than that no definite plans other than trial more and train with my pups!

Happy New Year!