Hawaii Day 2

Saturday April 30, 2016.

Sleep was eluding me at 5am, 8am Oregon time, so I got up and sat on the balcony as the sky lightened into day.

I looked up the bird that kept me awake, thinking it was a My a bird and it was!

Kris surprised me with going down and getting us coffee then joined me on the balcony. We chatted for a bit then started our day. We hit up the concierge and booked a helicopter tour for tomorrow, then jumped on the trolley to have breakfast at Lava Java. Our view did not suck.


We walked along the coast heading towards Kona Brewing. We have tried some of their beers in Oregon but only ones with coconut flavored, which we didn’t care for. We found a few of their beers quite tasty after a lunch of pizza. While waiting for the trolley, we got to watch these guys. We counted five in the short time we were out there.

Then we caught the trolley at 2:30 to head back to the hotel for an afternoon nap before manta ray snorkeling at 8:30.

I wasn’t doing so good at the napping so ran to the store to get some snack supplies for tomorrow. Scored a flat bag cooler that will help with some travel items look at here.

We then got our gear and went downstairs to wait for our snorkel trip. I was hungry so went back up to my room and discovered I had zapped my room key card. So downstairs to the lobby but they had to send security up to meet me at my room because I didn’t have ID on me. And I had 15 minutes to meet our ride to the snorkel site! The security guy showed up quickly and let me in. I had to show him my ID once I got in the room and I almost forgot to grab a snack! Now all of this and our room is about as far away as we can get from the lobby. 7th floor all the way to the end on the East side. I made it though.

The manta ray snorkel was awesome! We were on this little canoe pontoon boat. We got to our spot and hopped in the water. Two different manta rays came by to feed. They literally swim within inches of you! It was amazing! I started to feel a little sick bobbing around in the water and was pretty cold too. We hadn’t seen a ray for a few minutes so we all headed back to the boat. All in all it was quite an experience!