Hawaii Day 5!

Tuesday May 3, 2016.

I can’t believe it’s been 5 days. 4 on the island but 5 since we left Oregon.

Today we booked a dolphin encounter and snorkel trip. This involved a small ,inflatable solid hull boat ride out into the ocean. We went out to where the spinner Dolphins were coming in shore to rest for the day and when they were spotted, we hopped in the water. They swam right by us and it was pretty darn cool! We did that 4 times. Hop out of the boat, try to swim towards the Dolphins, watch them swim by, then back into the boat. It was pretty neat to watch wild dolphins swim by and below.

Next we headed out into the bay and spotted some pilot whales. They were just chilling, floating along the top of the water.

One of them kept spy hopping, which is where they stick their heads out of the water and look at us.

Then we kept going down the coast to a protected bay for some snorkeling.  All in all a good day on the water!

Wlexcept that we got burned. Kris worse than me but both on our backs. And yes we had put on sunscreen, twice. Apparently it wasn’t enough. Ouch!

We came back to the hotel where I napped by the pool. Not sure what Kris did honestly.

After doing that for a couple hours, we got ready for a Luau over at the Marriott. They put on a pretty fancy show!

Now we are both tired and once again in bed early