Musings and misc

So a couple weeks ago Twitch and I did CPE in Turner but it was not one of our better weekends. We went 5 for 8 but they were not as fast as the previous weekend and not as pretty. We started him on this supplement that is supposed to help lower his reactive threshold the week before Monmouth so I don’t know if it was that or that Vader was with us all weekend or what…  Or perhaps it’s because he is gaining a little weight! I weighed him tonight and the scale said 15 pounds!! That’s 1.5 more than I would like him to weigh. ?  Guess who is going on a diet!

Me too! I weighed myself and the home scale has never been over 136. Tonight it was close to 138 and I didn’t even have a big dinner. Sigh. 

Twitch and I head to Ridgefield for USDAA this weekend. Hopefully our two blubber butts can pull out a Standard Q in Advanced. If not, oh well!

On another note my left him is doing that stabbing pain thing again. ?  I took a muscle relaxer tonight in hopes to stop it. Haven’t taken one of those in a long time click here for info.

We have an accepted offer on a house. It has radon and a bad septic tank. So we are now waiting on bids to find out if the seller will repair our list of things. Yay.

Here is the house.

Here is our backyard view.

And this will be my indoor winter play space!