Ankle Break – Week 5

It was originally diagnosed as a sprain but now it’s a break. I broke the anterior process of the calcaneus. The calcaneus is the large bone in the heel of your foot. So not a huge deal but still a big deal. A big deal because of the boot.

I have to wear a walking boot for four weeks and I’m 5 days in. Yuck! My left knee is really sore and my back is killing me. I’m a wreck.

I did manage to a et up some weaves tonight and work the dogs for a bit. The trick is to do some stuff, then sit and raise my foot for an hour, then get up and do more stuff. I managed to get three loads of laundry done, dishes and dog food toys washed and played with the pups. Took all evening but I guess that’s the way it’s gonna be  for a while.

I’m bummed because I can’t do Vader’s class tile I get out of the boot. Uneven surfaces are killer!

In addition to my knee and back, my right foot (the broken one) is hurting more now. I’ve had some pain in the front of my foot and my heel hurts all the time. Yuck!