The spoon theory is that we all have so many spoons at the start of each day. As your day goes on, you use up the spoons. For some people a spoon may be used going to work. Or just getting out of bed. Some people may use lots of spoons to go to the store. And at the end of the day we hope that there are spoons left. When we run out of spoons it becomes harder and harder to cope or manage stressful situations. Once you are out of spoons, it’s almost impossible.

I think my spoons have been depleted for a while. I have found it hard to socialize with people. Even my husband at times. I want to be left alone to do my own thing and just be me. 
This theory could be applied to dogs as well. Some dogs have lots of spoons and cope really well. Others do not. I think Twitch has very few. Like me.

How do I replenish spoons? A day to myself. A hike in the woods. Snuggles with my dogs.