Scary Shit

All summer we have been letting the dogs run free with us on the property. On Thursdays we go down to the road with trash and/or recycle and the dogs join us. We put them in a wait or stay at the rock while we go to the road and so far this has been working just fine.

Until today. I told Vader to wait at the rock and took the bin to the toad. As I turned around to head back up I see a flying critter cresting the hill going away from me. My first thought was Vader! Then I was like no he is up the drive. But I couldn’t see him so I started running up the road calling for him. 

When I got to the top of the hill I saw him down by the Christmas Tree farm! He finally had turned around and came running back to me. But he was booking it down that hill after something. No idea what!

Then add a car coming up behind him. Thankfully they saw him and were going slow. Plus a car coming up from behind me! I was at the top of the hill so they saw me and went slow too. So scary!!

So he will be losing off leash privileges for a while and I really really need to work on a recall. It is not my strong suit. I have never had a good recall on a dog. Sigh, I guess it’s time to figure it out!