So I played kickball with some co-workers on Thursday night. I did ok. I can mostly kick the ball and I can run. They had me playing second base and I almost caught a fly ball but didn’t. It’s scary having a large red ball coming at your face!

So then the next morning, this morning, I woke up with heel pain. It’s on the back of my heel, low on the sides but not the bottom. Infamous Google search points to Achilles’ tendon strain. Yay.  I iced it some today and have ibuprofen on board.

Shelby might have to run Twitch tomorrow if it’s not better. Right now it’s throbbing but not too bad. I know it’s there and that is probably not a good sign.

Good thing I didn’t have any plans this weekend. Ugh! The yard needs mowed, the weeds are out of control and agility trial! Poopy!!

Hiking Spencer Butte

Today we went down to Eugene so I could take a private lesson with Naomi Snapp. She runs Aussies in agility and I wanted to get some personalized looks at Twitch and I, to see where we could improve. He has concerns and motivation issues in trials so I am trying to address those.

The first thing she noticed was that he disconnects from me as we enter the ring. So we are going to work on stronger nose touches for pre-run routine as well as his spins as we walk out.

The second thing she noticed was that he slows down when I slow down, which in most situations is great, he reads deceleration, but there are times when I need him to keep moving like pinwheels and wraps around jumps. So maintaining motivation through tricks will help, not fixing things in trials and working on using a lunchbox to get speed.

The lunchbox is a hard sided plastic cooler that is heavy enough he can’t run off with it, sticky enough that he can’t open the lid and big enough for any kind of food. We worked on that today and it helped a lot. We used the LB for proofing weaves and contact behaviors and it helped with his motivation around the push to the back of a jump with a 180 to the tunnel. So some good stuff and really glad I did it.

Then we went to Spencer Butte. It was a 2 mile hike with 900 feet of elevation gain. And it was busy! There were so many people and other dogs and Twitch did really well with all of it.


He met dogs on the trail, he walked past dogs and ignored them, it was great!


Those are the Three Sisters mountains in the distance.


The trail wound through the forest with some really large trees!


Then we stopped at Oakshire Brewery for food and drinks and headed home.


Weekend Agility and Being in My Thirties

Twitch and I had an agility trial this past weekend. Saturday went pretty well but Sunday was less than spectacular. After a good Jackpot run first thing he began to stop and sniff. He didn’t get his weave entrances all weekend and only did his 2o2o contact on the Aframe once! And we had 4 Aframes on Sunday. It was a frustrating weekend to be sure. I need to stop fixing stuff and forget about the Q. I think fixing things when I am nervous makes him worse. We did ok with 4 Q’s out of 8 runs so not bad but not the 7 or 8 we have been getting.

He’s a baby dog. 🙂

So to top it off I turn 40 tomorrow. Kind of hard to believe it’s been that long and I’m that old now. Actually, based on timing and where I was born I may already be 40! Lol. Anyway we are doing a low key night tomorrow and then a big party on the 21st. I’m looking forward to it.

My agility classmates got me cake, a card and a balloon. Shelby got me these cute shoe charms that say ‘He’s a baby dog’ and ‘Run fast, Run clean’. 🙂 They will be my mantras from now on and remind me to have patience. IMG_4213.JPG

Twitch USDAA Jan 24/25 and trial stress


Imagine a third blue ribbon in the picture, the club ran out.. We qualified in all 3 runs today though they were slower as the day progressed.

I tried very hard to support each obstacle through all the runs but he still had a couple run bys. Mostly on contacts today. I bought the videos so once I get those I will have to examine them really well. I think it is mostly trial stress. This location was pretty noisy with lots of barking dogs. He kept looking behind himself and all around the rings. I wonder if letting him check out as many sides and locations as I can at new places would help…. In the center aisle between rings, all he wanted to do was look for dropped food. :-/

He runs pretty well at Barb’s place in Turner so the new surroundings may be the issue. It just means go to more places.

Overall we did well this weekend with 6 runs and 6 Q’s. Just wish we could get over the nervousness.