Field Leveling

The field of dreams. Of my dreams. Except it’s not yet. The mulch was blown in today but it’s too soft to run on. So now I have to rent a lawn roller to roll the field with and I’m not even sure the mower will travel over the field! I may have to pull the roller by hand!

Just one thing after another, I swear.

Agility Field Dreams

From before we closed on the house i was getting info on leveling the back field. Had an estimate last July and two more this spring. I decided to go with the first guys and after talking with him the estimate went up due to cost increases. Still thr cheapest estimate.

I have no joke been trying to get the project going since May. I got the revised estimate, told him via email to schedule it and id mail the doen payment. That was prior to May 20th. I mailed the down payment the last week of May because it all happened during CPE Nationals. Two weeks ago they came out and leveled the dirt. That was July 22nd!! Obwr two months since i wanted this done.

I was told it would take a week to complete. On Thursday the sand got delivered and Friday it was spread. Mulch is scheduled for the 17th! 

I had really expected to be able to use that field by now when this whole process started. Kris had to get involved and call them to get anything done. I have been calling and emailing the contractor and the main line trying to get some kind of response for weeks now.

Its just all so frustrating because in the meantime its just a dirt field! I cant use it or anything. Plus they didn’t smooth the edges so tbat is yet another thing to deal with this summer. So frustrating!

Maybe I need this

Perhaps i need this blog that no one reads in order to keep grounded? Somewhere to just put down feelings and thoughts in order to help me.

Its been a rough few weeks. Lots going on and its causing me stress.

Leveling the field. That started a week and a half ago on Thursday and nothing has been done since. So we have a field of dirt.

I would like for them to actually finish sometime soon before summer is over so i can actually use it!

We started a patio project four weeks ago and it will probably take another 4 weeks to finish! In the meantime our backyard and parking area is under construction. 🙁

We had to rent a mini excavator to dig out the yard.

We got one wall mostly done but had to quit because we ran out of glue. More glue and blocks will be delivered on Thursday.

Vader is doing amazing in agility! Fast, paying attention and having fun!

Twitch? Well he is Twitchy. He did so great at CPE Nationals and we even got High in Trial for 12″ Standard dogs Level 5! He was fast and consistent and so so good! Standard has been our nemesis for a while now and he got 3 Qs that weekend! Then the next trial at Ridgefield we got zero. We have never had a zero Q weekend before. I still can’t figure him out.

Musings and misc

So a couple weeks ago Twitch and I did CPE in Turner but it was not one of our better weekends. We went 5 for 8 but they were not as fast as the previous weekend and not as pretty. We started him on this supplement that is supposed to help lower his reactive threshold the week before Monmouth so I don’t know if it was that or that Vader was with us all weekend or what…  Or perhaps it’s because he is gaining a little weight! I weighed him tonight and the scale said 15 pounds!! That’s 1.5 more than I would like him to weigh. ?  Guess who is going on a diet!

Me too! I weighed myself and the home scale has never been over 136. Tonight it was close to 138 and I didn’t even have a big dinner. Sigh. 

Twitch and I head to Ridgefield for USDAA this weekend. Hopefully our two blubber butts can pull out a Standard Q in Advanced. If not, oh well!

On another note my left him is doing that stabbing pain thing again. ?  I took a muscle relaxer tonight in hopes to stop it. Haven’t taken one of those in a long time click here for info.

We have an accepted offer on a house. It has radon and a bad septic tank. So we are now waiting on bids to find out if the seller will repair our list of things. Yay.

Here is the house.

Here is our backyard view.

And this will be my indoor winter play space!


WAG CPE 2016-05

This weekend Twitch and I went to a new trial site over in Monmouth. The barn is small but that actually creates a quiet atmosphere because people can’t crate in the building. Twitch ran really well on Saturday.

We did Fullhouse first and he was running fast and furious! The way I like us to run together. 🙂  We got the most points for 12 inch dogs in Level 5, the highest level so we got first place! So proud of him with his speed! He did not get the weave entrance I set up for him but I asked him to do it again and he did it great. His other weaves throughout the day were really great!

Next up was Jackpot which didn’t go as well. He refused the Aframe and I was beginning to get frustrated, so I took a deep breathe and knowing at that point we weren’t going to qualify, I revved him up by grabbing at his neck in a playful manor, and he zoomed up and over the Aframe and we went to the table. Not a great run but we finished high and fast. It is interesting to me that it’s the Aframe that he refuses the most.

Next up was Colors. He was super fast and spot on in Colors too and we pulled off a first place in 12 inch dogs for Level 5. So fastest dog with no faults! Go Twitch!

Last was Snooker. I love Snooker. I think it’s a fun game. We again pulled off the most points to get first place in 12 inch dogs for Level 5! So proud of the little man today!  We did have one bobble in Snooker where I must not have supported a jump well enough because he went around it. He disconnected from me and it took a minute to get him back, but once I did he did great.


I forgot to update this post for Sunday. We had a good day that day too. We Q’d in 3 of 4 runs again with two thirds and a second. First up was traditional Jackpot which we did not Q in but he ran fast through the opening. No complaints!

Next was Wildcard and we pulled out a fast and fun run but one bobble that cost us some time.

Then we did Snooker. We were beat by two point but we made it all the way through the finish!

Jumpers was last and the little guy was slowing down. He gave me a good run and another Q.