Fall Camping

Kris, the dogs and I went camping for one night at Meghann Barger’s parents’ place last Saturday. They had talked about fall camping but had never done it so off we went. One night seemed doable and less work in case it was crappy weatber.

It was Meghann, Caleb and Meghann’s brother Ben and girlfriend Emma. Oh and Emma’s dog Colby. A cute poodle mix that was Vader’s size. All the dogs got along and had fun.

We started Saturday with a tromp in the woods. Some of the folks (including Meghann’s dad Dave) were mushroom hunting but Kris, Meghann and I were just hiking. Dave carved out a switch back trail up a ridge this summer so up we went and then hiked the upper forest. It was really quite nice and peaceful. The dogs had a blast!

Meghann has a penchant for tearing out old trees. Got some great shots of this! Lol

Caleb made a fantastic stew over the fire for dinner. Ben kept the fire roaring all evening which meant I got lots of doggie snuggle time. At one point I had both dogs on my lap!

I went to bed about 10pm but apparently Kris and Ben fell asleep in front of the fire until 4am! After drinking a lot.

Fall camping means damp conditions. Inside the tent was good but outside was pretty damp!

Sunday dawned chilly and Twitch peeing blood. Sigh. I packed up as I went and got stuff ready so we could head out as soon as possible. Stopped at the EVet on Market, got some antibiotics and he seems fine now. He just doesn’t like camping. 😉

I do though. Still want a bigger tent.

Brain Dead

What is it about being mentally challenged that makes me want to get drunk? Why not go for a walk? Or a hike? Why does sitting on the couch drinking alcohol and watching TV sound better than a hike or a walk?

What is with that? Is it brainwashing? Is it the “American pastime” to sit around watching something and getting drunk? Sheesh.


What is about things that makes you addicted?

Is it some need that is fulfilled?

Some preconceived notion or feeling that wants to be satisfied?

I finally don’t have the daily thought of “oh, I just want to sit down and have a drink”.  Relax and have a drink. Why does a drink become necessary to relax?

What if we replace one thing/thought with another? What if it is now “oh I just want to relax and watch Grey’s Anatomy”. Have I just replaced the one with the other?

Perhaps what I should be thinking is “I can’t wait to go home and play with my dogs”. I wonder how hard that switch will be to make.

But first I want to watch an episode ore two or three of Grey’s.

Things that make me happy

Training my dogs.

Playing agility with my dogs.

Hiking with my husband and the dogs.

Letting my dogs play in the water.

Horse back riding.

Watching TV.

Sitting outside on a warm summer night enjoying the company of good friends and family.

I’m so lucky that this weekend will include all of these.

Family Vacation 2017

Tomorrow begins day one of a long family vacation. My sisters and Brian arrive tomorrow and I pick them up at the airport.

We are planning to go to Trilium Lake for a short, easy hike with views of Mt Hood. Then head home and get settled in.

Saturday my parents, Jeremy and his family arrive. They are renting a 15 passenger van and driving down. The current plan is to visit a winery and then head back to the house to prepare for Sunday!

The house is clean, the patio is ready and our friend Jason, loaned us a bunch of chairs and a grill! We’re set!

I hope.