This summer has been tough. New house, new bills and new projects. I’ve struggled mentally a number of times and today I feel rejuvenated.

I went for a hike. I have missed the woods. I need the woods. I thought the quiet and peace of our new house was enough but it’s not.

So today I took a sick day. I took a day to address my mental health. I have been distracted at work and having trouble focusing. I hope this helps.

I met up with a friend and her dogs and she took me to a place not frequented by others. The dogs got to run and play off leash. We got to chat and absorb nature. At the end, the dogs got to swim and Vader even voluntarily swam after sticks. He is growing up!


I really enjoy camping. Especially the kind we do at Meghann’s parent’s place. They have this great little spot in the bend of a creek. It has a shelter with electricity, fridge, sink and a toulet up in the shop. They even have an outdoor shower!

Of course there is a fire pit too. One outside next to the shelter and a stone fireplace on the end of the shelter. The land used to be a girl scout lication and Meghann’s grandparents bought the place i  the 50’s. Her parents run a nursery up the hill from the campsite.

We get to bring the dogs and they love it! Free running all weekend except overnight when they sleep in the car. Last year they slept in our tent but it was pretty crowded. This year we just put them in the van. Much better for all around.

This year we walked down the creek a bit. That water is cold!! Twitch was not a fan of the water and tried to find ways around it if he could. He even climbed a log and crossed a downed tree to avoid the water. Then I had to lift him down. Lol. Vader didn’t mind the water but avoided the deep areas. I tried to get him to swim but he wouldn’t. I’ll keep trying! The dogs were already pretty tired on Saturday afternoon.

It’s not very often you see Vader lying down and actually sleeping! Mathew, Jason’s son, was there and he loves Vader. Vader is very tolerant of Mathew but at the time of the below picture, Mathew was in the creek and ignoring Vader.

Earlier in the day we were all sitting under the shelter and Vader kept getting on this bench to lay down. He even closed his eyes several times. 🙂

We hope to go again this year but we shall see. Lots of fun! Still wish our tent was a little bigger. 


I have a secret passion to be better about my dog training. I wish I had the drive to work harder at it but darn it, sometimes I just want to sit on the couch and drink a beer. Or two.

I did play with the dogs and we worked on a couple tricks we haven’t done in a while. Considering Vader joined us on the couch later I would say he had fun and was a bit tired from it.

We were supposed to begin agility classes for Twitch tonight but a wind advisory postponed the first day. Probably not a bad idea.

I wanted to do a number of things tonight but didn’t get any of them done. The weekend of rain forecasted will give me plenty of time. 🙂

Hawaii Day 4

Monday May 2, 2016.

We certainly are keeping with our streak of awesomeness! Today we started out slow and hung out at the pool.

Then we hit the road at 3 to head to the VIS at Mauna Kea for the sunset and star talk. We drove from sea level to almost 14,000 feet! It was pretty amazing to be above the clouds and watch the sun set *below* us!

This is the VIS where we had snacks for dinner. 9,000 feet!

There is a protected area for the Silversword plant which is endangered.

Then we headed up the mountain. 

The road was 4 miles of washboard dirt with switchbacks. 

At 4 miles the road is paved again but still climbs. 8 miles from the VIS to the summit, so 5,000 feet of elevation gain in 8 miles. There are signs saying only 4×4 with 4 low should go up. Without engine braking, you could be in big trouble!

Up top we watched the sun set. There are a few scientific, multi-million dollar telescopes up there that are not open to the public.  The oxygen level is really low and it was easy to get light headed with very little exhertion.



After the sun set, we drove back to the VIS and spent 2 hours star gazing and listening to some volunteers talk about planets and stars. They had several high powered telescopes set up and we got to see the rings around Saturn!

An epic adventure!