Relaxing Weekend

I cheap jerseys had cheap mlb jerseys a cheap jerseys very Standard relaxing Things weekend. Create First one in a while. I actually spent time working on my website which I’ve been dying to do for a long time now.

On Saturday I was in the parade with PALS. With two other people, I was part of the poop patrol. PALS is a therapeutic riding program and they brought two horses which we painted festively and had two riders. It was a long time in the saddle for those two young girls. When we were just leaving our staging area, the beginning of the parade was ending one block over. It had already come full circle and there were 25 more groups behind us!

That afternoon I took the pups to Griffy and we had a nice long hike with swimming afterwards. I think Kota and Tasha really liked the swimming part. ? I had one lesson that evening and then I talked with Jenn for an hour and a half that night. She’s in NY btw and told her to stop and say hi to mom and dad.

On Sunday the pups and I rested, I was actually sore from all that walking, how sad. I worked on my site and got ready for company that night. Steph, Brian, George and Matt came over for burgers and corn on the cob and other delectibles. Then we trudged into the agiltiy field with the dogs and watched the fireworks.

Monday I took the pups for a walk early to beat the heat. Poor Kota, he is really showing his age now. ? He walked next to me most of the way and he is usually out in front checking out everything.

Then I made some black bean and lentil soup and took half over to some friends. They recently had a preemie baby that has ongoing medical problems and a group of their friends have created a casserole brigade to go over and help out with cooking and/or cleaning until they get back on their feet. Darja, the mother, spent 11 weeks in the hospital, gave birth to two preemie babies with Ronan, the boy, passing away after a couple weeks. Petra, the girl, is at home now but it’s been rough on both of them. So I got to see Darja and Ryan, the parents, and pass along some things we had for them.

Then I went home and basically watched The Tudors all afternoon while working on my site.

Very restful and relaxing after last week. ?