In the recent past I decided to start rephrasing things in my head. What I mean by this is that when I say something like, “I didn’t do xyz because of mno”, I rephrase that to be “I didn’t make xyz a priority because I felt mno was more important at that time”. What this does is it challenges my way of thinking of things. Instead of seeing reasons for not doing things as excuses, it changes things and I determine that some things are more important “right now”.

For example, we went kayaking today which was fun. The dogs went along and did a lot of swimming. They haven’t gotten baths in a while and were pretty stinky. When we got home I allowed myself to relax on the deck for a bit but then felt it was time to clean up the dogs. So they got baths on the deck. After that I knew they would need brushed and also were due for some fur trimming, so that was put next on my tasks. 

One item that was and still is on my list is to clean Mickey’s tank. He was pretty stinky this morning so I know it needs it, but being able to brush and trim the dog’s fur when it’s clean doesn’t happen very often. 

So while I need to clean the tank, it became less of a priority because these other items really needed done today versus tomorrow. Mickey can wait a day.

So basically I have started deciding what is more important to me at that time and trying to not make excuses for not doing them but recognize other items might take priority.

Missing Kris

I am away for the weekend in Longview Washington for an agility trial. I have been looking forward to this weekend for a while. The projects at the house have been stressing me out and this was a breather for me. I came alone and am looking forward to not wearing ear plugs for two nights. I sure hope I can actually sleep!

But I miss Kris. I like having him with me and I wish he could figure out some way to enjoy coming to trials with me but I get it. It’s boring for him.

Anyway I’m all snug in bed for the night. The dogs are in the car and I set up my pop up tent at the site this evening. I hope I’m at the right ring!

Slow down!

I need my life to slow down a bit. We have so many things going on, so many projects in various stages that we have enough to work on for weeks. I would like a chill out evening sometime soon where I sit on the couch and watch TV for a couple hours. Is that too much to ask?
Tonight we moved a couple yards of rock and spread a couple yards of mulch. Then went to Lowes to get faucets, grass seed and bike hooks. Just open the door and throw the money out. Sheesh.
I am behind on signing up for trials and I am no where near where I had hoped to be with Vader this year. I had hoped to have his novice Rally title by now. One step at a time.

House Ownership

I do believe that we own a house! Sellers got the pool table out on Saturday and we take key possession tomorrow. Tuesday I start cleaning the damn place. Cobwebs and spiders galore! Plus millipedes and dead bugs from the fumigation on Friday. Yay.