Practice 2017-10-31

We don’t get Trick or Treaters at our new place so yeah, I practiced on Halloween. 🙂

I had my first mammogram that night at 6pm so didn’t have a ton of time. I wanted usto work the running aframe stuff so that’s what we did. He is doing ok. We had some No Reward events but I don’t think he has it yet. Still at the stage of working on movement.

We also did a few weaves and he nailed a tricky entrance. 🙂

Vader AKC 2016-10-21

Vader and I did AKC this weekend at the Salem Fairgrounds. The Shetland Sheepdog Club was hosting this one. Since it was in our backyard so to speak, I decided to enter.

Saturday the weather was super windy and off and on rain. The parking lot there is a mud pit.

Despite all that, Vader Q’d in all three runs on Saturday! We did FAST, JWW (Jumpers with Weaves) and Standard, all Novice level. His FAST and JWW Q’s meant we moved to Open for Sunday. He was perfect all weekend. Courses were open and flowing and really easy. We were definitely the “ringer” in Novice. 

Sunday was just as much fun! We Q’d in all 3 runs with perfect runs. His weaves were amazing, his following me and responding to my cues was phenomenal. So pleased with our teamwork. He is so much easier to run because he actually runs! His JWW run today was a 4.83 yps run!  Saturday was 5.31 yps!

This was my second ever AKC trial. I have to admit the atmosphere is different. At USDAA it was always the same people volunteering but they were always there, ready to go. At this trial there was a lot of asking. A lot of loud cajoling to get people to help and volunteer. It’s too bad really because the folks that do volunteer and do a lot of the work? They are going to get burned out on it.

Anyway we might do more AKC in the future, who knows?!

Knees 2017-10-19

My knees hurt. My left knee especially. Hirts on stairs. Hurts during the action to stand or sit. They ache right now even. The pain can be pretty sharp at times. I am not a fan.

Scary Shit

All summer we have been letting the dogs run free with us on the property. On Thursdays we go down to the road with trash and/or recycle and the dogs join us. We put them in a wait or stay at the rock while we go to the road and so far this has been working just fine.

Until today. I told Vader to wait at the rock and took the bin to the toad. As I turned around to head back up I see a flying critter cresting the hill going away from me. My first thought was Vader! Then I was like no he is up the drive. But I couldn’t see him so I started running up the road calling for him. 

When I got to the top of the hill I saw him down by the Christmas Tree farm! He finally had turned around and came running back to me. But he was booking it down that hill after something. No idea what!

Then add a car coming up behind him. Thankfully they saw him and were going slow. Plus a car coming up from behind me! I was at the top of the hill so they saw me and went slow too. So scary!!

So he will be losing off leash privileges for a while and I really really need to work on a recall. It is not my strong suit. I have never had a good recall on a dog. Sigh, I guess it’s time to figure it out!

Practice 2017-10-17

Today we worked weave poles with me way ahead. We also worked straight lines of jumps with speed.

Vader had some trouble with weaves when I led out past the poles. He eventually got them and was good. Then I led out further and beat him to the magic box. He popped the poles if I touched the box before he finished. We tried again and he was successful the second time.

Twitch had a tougher time with the poles and harder footing since Vader had made divets in the field. I should have packed them down first. He figured out his footing though. Its good for him to have that because it will build his desire to stay in and finish. I hope!

The straight line was interesting. I set the magic box at the end and for Vader the first run through he took out two bars. Not sure why as I was running the line myself. I wonder if he had a hard time judging his distance and took off too early. Each run after that was good and he didn’t knock any bars.

Twitch did just fine at the straight line. I can still beat him even after a send to the tunnel so I don’t think he is running full out but he is fast. I should try to time them some time.

I also worked some wraps around a standard with both dogs. I want them to drive out of the turns and I’m not sure how to get that yet. Twitch needs more work on Push and the threadle cue to the back of a jump. Vader did better than Twitch but could use more work too.

Overall a good practice!