So I started this Couch to 5K program 5 weeks ago. I’ve been running 3 times a week going on my 4th week (took the vacation week off while in Mexico).  On Monday I ran in the little gym they have here at the RV park. The treadmill there is actually quite a nice treadmill. I can plug my iphone into the speaker and play my music through a decent output, the buttons are nice and big, easy to use when running or walking and it has a built in fan.

The view is also pretty nice. 😀  I ran/walked almost 2 miles in 29 minutes.  Not too bad for week 4 of running.  Now, you’d think I was in better shape because of agility, but honestly, when training, I don’t do a whole lot of running myself unfortunately and since I am only doing class once a week, I run maybe 3 minutes, tops during class.  So I need the extra exercise.  If it’s nice outside I run outside either around the RV park, at Scot and Amy’s subdivision or at Minto Brown park.  Today looked like rain and it hailed twice today, so I decided to be safe and not get hailed on.

I also added music to my iphone last night. I know, I know, I’ve had the thing for 3 years now? and am just getting music on it?  Well, ya know, I don’t buy songs and I finally got around to copying from my CDs, which have been in the RV for two years. 😀  Yay!

I felt really good after my run today. I like that feeling.


So life goes on right?  We all have to deal with shit on occasion and we just have to muster through and come out the other side.

Well I’m kinda tired of mustering.  Things start looking good, I start feeling good, I go on a cool vacation and come home to be brought all the way back down to the bottom. Kinda sucks in a big way.

Before vacation we got an accepted offer on the house. Great!!!  They had the inspection done while we were away and just about anything that could be wrong was.  From stupid small things like the sidewalk isn’t level to big shit like the roof needs replaced, oh and there are two gas leaks and a water leak. Fucking great.  Brought my mood down to about negative a thousand.  Ana, my friend from back home who moved to Ohio, IM’d me yesterday morning and I unloaded on her. Couldn’t even type because I was so pissed off.  She sympathized with me and let me vent.  Today she called me to find out if today was going any better.  🙂 She’s awesome!  It was great to chat with her again, we haven’t talked on the phone in forever so it was great to hear a friendly voice today.

We are going to counter their inspection response with some money off and we’ll have the leaks fixed. Let’s hope they accept that.  Please let’s hope they accept that. Otherwise the house price will be lowered again with the inspection on file and being sold As Is.

I’m so totally against buying another house at this point in my life.  The last two have been a huge pain in the rear and I don’t want to do it anymore. At least not for a long, long time.

River comparison

I had posted a few days ago about the small creek behind our RV resort that was flooding and posted a picture of the flooding.

Well here is what it normally looks like.

That single tree in the kinda middle there? That’s the same tree as above.  So quite a bit higher in the first pic.

Here are some pics of our RV park.

The above two pics were taken from the balcony outside the laundry room.  And below is our RV with the pups hanging out in an xpen outside. The temps this day hit mid-60’s and it was gorgeous, so we had to spend some of it outside.

Another lovely Oregon day

Yesterday Kris had the day off, so we slept in then had pancakes for breakfast. The forecast was for rain later in the day so we decided to head to River Front Park for a walk with the dogs before doing other stuff.

There were lots of people out enjoying the morning like we were. The park is located along the Willamette River at the base of the one bridge crossing the river from Salem to West Salem.

The park boasts a Carousel inside a building

as well as an outdoor amphitheatre,

some art and a dock for the Willamette Queen (that’s Willamette Dammit!).

The dogs really enjoyed the walk and being outside.  I think the sun may be getting to their heads though….

After the walk we went to a Wine and Beer fest at the State Fairgrounds. Apparently out here, you have to buy tastes. 🙁 So we looked for deals, multiple tastes for a buck and even scored a couple free ones.  The wine was good and we didn’t try a single Pinot Noir.  😉  Tried a nice Malbec and a new Tempranillo.  I also bought a pizza stone from the Pampered Chef booth. 🙂

After an afternoon of boozing, we went back to the RV, had a frozen pizza made on the new stone and then went to see some belly dancers. It was a very entertaining show and it makes me want to take lessons.  Maybe some day.

Today I’ve been doing laundry (almost done!) and I plan to go out to the Basket Slough Wildlife Refuge just down the road a ways and look at some birds.

Silver Falls State Park

Kris, myself and Bryan and Michelle Decker went to Silver Falls State Park on Sunday.  The Deckers came out to Oregon to support Kris during his grand opening on Saturday at Blue Element Scuba and Adventure Center.

Kris was given Sunday off to “soak up as much Decker as he could”.  Michelle and I had decided some falls were in order for the weekend so we headed to Silver Falls for the day and Bryan and Kris came along.  It was a partly sunny, partly cloudy day and we all had a great time.  The falls were beautiful and this park boasts over 10 different falls, we saw 4 of them.  You can see all of the pictures worth posting below.

Silver Falls State Park

I have promised photos of our RV park and the surrounding settings, so here they are.

This is the “field” that at the time was mostly flooded. See that water to the right? That’s the “field”.

Here is the gist of what the RV park looks like.

Here’s our “home”.

Dandelions signify spring to Michelle. To me they signify time to spray!!!

This is a tree along the Rickreall Creek which is what was flooding.