Someday my field will be awesome!

But this year will not see that day. I need a heavy rain or some serious watering to compact the sand and mulch, as well as probably some mixing. 

We bought a roller and I watered tonight and then rolled. The watered half was better but the dogs still run into loose footing on tight turns. The weave poles also create divets. I won’t water again until we get the backflow on the irrigation lines because then I can hook into that instead of using softened water. It’s just not worth it.

So we shall play on the dry stuff and see how it goes. I am really wishing i had bought used turf instead for out there. Skip the mulch and sand, save the $6000 and bought turf. Oh well, live and learn I guess.

Maybe I need this

Perhaps i need this blog that no one reads in order to keep grounded? Somewhere to just put down feelings and thoughts in order to help me.

Its been a rough few weeks. Lots going on and its causing me stress.

Leveling the field. That started a week and a half ago on Thursday and nothing has been done since. So we have a field of dirt.

I would like for them to actually finish sometime soon before summer is over so i can actually use it!

We started a patio project four weeks ago and it will probably take another 4 weeks to finish! In the meantime our backyard and parking area is under construction. 🙁

We had to rent a mini excavator to dig out the yard.

We got one wall mostly done but had to quit because we ran out of glue. More glue and blocks will be delivered on Thursday.

Vader is doing amazing in agility! Fast, paying attention and having fun!

Twitch? Well he is Twitchy. He did so great at CPE Nationals and we even got High in Trial for 12″ Standard dogs Level 5! He was fast and consistent and so so good! Standard has been our nemesis for a while now and he got 3 Qs that weekend! Then the next trial at Ridgefield we got zero. We have never had a zero Q weekend before. I still can’t figure him out.