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It’s so not. I hate it in fact. My back pain. Tonight I crawled into bed, lay down and attempted to relax my back muscles. They wouldn’t because the pain was intense. I’m talking a 7 here. Lucky it only lasted a few minutes more than normal.

Normal for me is crawl into bed, relax the back, it hurts to about a 4 for a minute and then I’m good. Not today.

So what was different? The big difference was I worked from home and the first half of the day was in my shitty office chair. I realized today why it is so uncomfortable for me. It’s padded but the seat pan, the part you sit on, is deep and I cannot sit with my back all the way to the back of the chair. So it is in a constant state of slouch. No wonder my back hurts worse than normal!! Kris let me use his chair for the afternoon but the damage for the day had been done.

When my back gets that bad I don’t always realize it until laying down or it seizes during a bend. This is because it has become so tight it is like a board. But there is no pain. And unless I do a few repeated bends, like putting down dog bowls one too many times, or picking something up from the floor, I’m good. Then when it’s asked to move in a way that goes against the stiff as a board, it can seize up which is no fun.

Let me explain. If you have ever had a cramp in your foot or your calf, that point in the cramp when it’s the worst, which for me is towards the beginning, is what my back feels like. I can’t stand back up. I have to go to the floor. From there I can get the muscles to relax a bit that lets me stand back up. But it takes several minutes. Just like a foot or calf cramp. Only it feels worse than those because the muscles in the back are larger, longer and stronger.

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. I did take ibuprofen and put some of the pain relieving cream on. I should probably take a muscle relaxer but that means getting out of bed and then going through this again. FML.