Selling Cars

Before today, Kris and I owned 4 cars. Today we said goodbye to my minivan. I bought the 2002 Honda Odyssey in 2006 so I could spend more pleasant days at trials and get sometimes 4 dogs and our gear to the trial site. That van went from IN to NY to OR and WA. We took it to CPE Nationals in 2017 down in CA. It was a really great vehicle and I miss parts of it.

It was getting old and quirky. We sold it to a young woman with 3 kids. I hope they get lots more years out of it without too many issues.

Tomorrow we are selling off the Outback. It too has been a good car but I am not as attached to that one as Kris drove it the most. It will remain in the family and now belong to the Leith’s. I hope they too enjoy it and get what they need out of it.

Kris bought a 2013 Ford F150 with 105k miles on it. I really hope he gets at least 7 years out of it! Lol

I have my Acadia which I like very much! It doesn’t have quite the room the van did but it is great otherwise!