I am really excited because on Thursday I head off to Bend with Twitch for three days of agility!! If camping goes well I may try it more often for trials. 🙂

We are going to Desert Sage Agility hosted and owned by Stephanie Morris. Fun little tidbit she and I met in 2007 in Connecticut! Clean Run hosted an Instructors Conference and Stephanie and I met up and shared a room together for two nights. Funny how the world turns.

We are going to be working with Stacy Winkler, Sandy Rogers and Moe Strenfel. I got to listen to workshops with Sandy and Moe at the conference and I’m excited to work with them. I just hope that Twitch’s toe is healed better by then!

His toe was swollen two weeks ago and the vet lanced the toe and expelled some ugly pus. His toe was looking good last Thursday and Friday morning but Friday night he had a puffy blood blister. The vet looked at it again today and now we are to soak it twice a day till Wed and see if that helps. It already looks better tonight, I just hope he feels ok by Friday.

The weekend after camp we are going to Mt St Helens for the day. Then the following weekend is a trip to Boise, ID with Kris, Kat and my parents for July 4th. After that is agility trial, then Warrior Dash weekend… Not sure when the next time I sleep past 6:30 will be. 0.o