Field of Troubles

So the mulch was blown in on Monday and the footing was too loose for the dogs and I to run on. So Tuesday we rented a roller to try and compact it.

First I drove the mower straight across the field and it seemed fine. So then we hooked up the roller and I drove across again. Both trips were diagonal across the field. That seemed ok so I started a looping path around the outside. The first turn found me stuck!! So I gave up on towing the roller and began pushing it by hand.

Kris was driving the mower on the diagonal while I was going side to side. He took over the rolling and I hopped on the mower. I made a pass on the diaganol and then tried to line up to go back and forth, forward and in reverse. But I got stuck! So I gave up on the mower and put ut away. 

I took over for Kris and finished the first pass of the whole field and then worked my way back again. Kris ordered a roller online because I think it will be handy to have for a while.

I’m going to try watering the mulch and then roll it a couple more times before we run on it again. It could use a little more compaction.

Really wishing I’d just gotten a large pile of dirt and spread that over the grass. Oh well.

Agility Field Dreams

From before we closed on the house i was getting info on leveling the back field. Had an estimate last July and two more this spring. I decided to go with the first guys and after talking with him the estimate went up due to cost increases. Still thr cheapest estimate.

I have no joke been trying to get the project going since May. I got the revised estimate, told him via email to schedule it and id mail the doen payment. That was prior to May 20th. I mailed the down payment the last week of May because it all happened during CPE Nationals. Two weeks ago they came out and leveled the dirt. That was July 22nd!! Obwr two months since i wanted this done.

I was told it would take a week to complete. On Thursday the sand got delivered and Friday it was spread. Mulch is scheduled for the 17th! 

I had really expected to be able to use that field by now when this whole process started. Kris had to get involved and call them to get anything done. I have been calling and emailing the contractor and the main line trying to get some kind of response for weeks now.

Its just all so frustrating because in the meantime its just a dirt field! I cant use it or anything. Plus they didn’t smooth the edges so tbat is yet another thing to deal with this summer. So frustrating!