Making changes is hard.

Buying the next size up in pants is hard but way more comfortable!

So the change I am trying to make is to stop snacking and to eat better. Make better choices about food.

So at dinner the other night I got a small steak, salad and steamed veggies instead of fries or other less healthy options. I skipped the dinner rolls but did try one of the appetizer things. I also stuck with water.

I started to try and count calories by using an app. I did ok for a couple days but man what a PITA. So now that I have an idea of how much my breakfast, snacks and lunch are, I am just exerting self control. I don’t think I have the fortitude to log all my foods. So I will drink more La Croix when I want a flavored drink and stop snacking outside of approved snacks.

Oh I’m sure I will slip up here and there but I have already done well this week at work.

The other thing is no more alcohol. Empty calories that do me no good.

So we shall see how this goes. Week one is in the books. I weighed 141 this past weekend. Out of college it was 130 and the last several years were 135. Breaking my foot two years ago really set me back and that is when my weight started creeping up again. I’d like to get back to 135 but 130 is my goal.

Kris has been going to the gym. I go down to the barn when he goes. I may not get as much cardio benefit but frankly if I’m going to do something that makes me hurt, I’d rather it be something I enjoy like agility or hiking. At the end of a training session with the dogs I do ladder drills and stuff before coming back up. So I am adding more exercise and I really need to get back to doing stretches in the mornings.