Kota visited my dream last night. I don’t remember anymore than he was in it and his face was so good to see.

Twitch told me he was coming by sticking his head out the dog door earlier in the day, just like Kota used to do.


More Goodbyes

I emptied Kota’s and Shadow’s folders tonight. I shed only a couple tears whereas previously when I tried to empty Kota’s I couldn’t even pick the folder up without crying. 

I have kept their certificates and images but all the medical records are gone.

Miss you all.

Pepper 2003 – 2010

Tasha 2001 – 2013

Kota 1999 – 2015

Shadow 1998 – 2015


Sometimes grief hits you when you least expect it. I posted to FB today a question for friends about dog life jackets. After posting the question I saw this picture in my feed.

There was Kota staring up at me and I hadn’t posted it. Took me by surprise and made me cry. Next to him is Bear the Doberman Pinscher and Willow the blue Chow Chow. Bear and Willow passed this month. Kota and Rupert last month. Janice, Rupert’s owner, created this collage for the iDog cover photo for March. She does great work.

Man I miss Kota.

Three Gone

That moment when you’re going along with normal routine things like brushing your teeth and you start crying because you started thinking about how you’ve lost 3 dogs in the last 4 years and it just sucks.