Being Lazy

Sometimes I just want to be lazy. Just sit around and watch TV, let my mind relax and not think except to escape to some other place inside the story unfolding before my eyes.

But I am an adult and I have adulting  to do. Plus a pup that needs care.Watch Shark Exorcist (2016) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

So I compromised. Ate my dinner in front of the TV. Took a break after that to play some games with Twitch.

Went back to TV for another episode, then break for more games and dremeled Twitch’s nails.

Another episode and then medicated Twitch’s feet, cleaned up the kitchen, refilled some water bottles and then got ready for bed.

Whew! Pretty busy for wanting a lazy evening at home. Tomorrow I am hoping to drag my ass out of bed for a run before work. Wish me luck!