When is the Right Time

Shadow is not doing well. She is on again, off again on food. Other than having lost 1/3 of her body weight she is doing ok.

She sleeps most of the time. She walks in a way that makes me think she is hurting to some degree. There is a roach in her back. She has almost constant diarrhea.

She doesn’t often solicit pets from us. She hasn’t gotten a gleam in her eye for over a week.

When do you make the call with a dog like this? She could go on wasting away for a month, two months… Not eating enough to even maintain her current 20 pounds. 

At what point do you say that she has lived a full life, has known happiness, a gentle hand and a warm bed and now her time has come? If she could choose, would she?

This is the hardest thing we must do for our beloved pets. 

Sometimes that choice is made for us

Sometimes that choice is clear.

The hard part is do we wait till that choice is clear? Or do we let them go before the choice is obvious?

No one can tell us that. Not even Shay Shay.

Shay Shay.

Tonight at our friend’s Chris and Christy in Kent, WA, Shadow bloated again. We took her to the first emergency vet we could find, Affordable Animal Care in Auburn. 

Since they hadn’t seen her before they wanted to do the full work up instead of just tubing her. X-rays showed no twisting, just gas in her stomach.

First time was November. Second was March. Third was June. Now July. She keeps cutting the time between episodes and that is not a good thing. 🙁