Sick As A Dog

was feeling pretty crappy on Tuesday so went home early from work. Man if I had only known how bad this would get I might have stuck it out the final two hours that day. I stayed home yesterday and today too. Aches in my joints, stuffy nose, cough, chills, and lethargy. Now my lungs kind of hurt if I breathe deep. Probably a side effect of the coughing. 

So watched The Lord of the Rings today from the couch. I hope I feel better tomorrow! I have an agility trial on Saturday and need to get my energy back!

Oh and Happy Birthday to me! 41 years old now. Where does the time go!

Vader is bored and wishes mom would feel better and go back to training him. I sat on the floor a couple times today and there’s toys for him. So glad we have a house floor plan that allows for it. He spent some time on the couch with Twitch and I too.

He doesn’t usually stay long but today he spent some time up there with us. He is growing up! He is at the awkward stage of gangly legs and body awareness issues. He is learning though!