Growing Pains

Vader and I finished our last puppy class this past Wednesday. Only his friend Suki the 4 month old red Doberman puppy showed up besides us. They got to play in the big ring off leash before class. We worked on tippy boards and fit ones and paw pods. We worked on tunnel and fetch. He is learning fiend! He wants to train and learn and play, it’s awesome, amazing and a little scary! Lol

Scary from the standpoint that he always wants to be doing something and typically only rests a short time. He and Suki ran around chasing each other for 10 minutes before and after class. We spent 45 minutes of class working on stuff with only a couple short play sessions of tug. He was on the go! Then an hour ride home and he played chase with Twitch for several minutes too!

He has quite the repertoire of tricks and behaviors now. He doesn’t have any of them reliably on cue but we will get there.

One very important thing I noticed recently is his staring at my hands where the cookies come from. So I have been hiding them and trying to not pick up the cookie until I click or mark the behavior. I really wish I had a savvy clicker trainer to watch my timing and help me see where I might be making it harder on myself.

Vader has lost so many teeth! He lost a tiny one at class last night and tonight he made the football bloody. When will it end?! 🙂

He turned 5 months old this week. He’s growing up!