Practice 2017-10-10

I went out to the field tonight and played with the pups.

With Vader, we worked table performance on the Klimb platform. We worked sending to jumps and tunnels. We worked weaves where I was in front of them when he started. We worked on his aframe 2o2o with me moving laterally.

With Twitch we worked table performances, weave poles and his coming into me over a jump. As well as sends to the tunnel.

Table Work

Vader is good about getting up and lying down quickly but he needs more work coming out of a fast tunnel.

Twitch is good about collecting to get up but then doesnt do an auto down.

Weave Poles Handler Ahead

Both dogs had a little trouble with this but Vader more so. Need to work this more.

Sends to Tunnels

Both dogs are doing really well with this!


Vader is doing great and he had some pretty fast into position spots tonight.

Twitch runs his aframe. I should work his more if I want him to do well in USDAA.

C-ATCH Twitch!!

We got it! We got that last Standard Q!

It was super stressful because on Saturday he tore an ear before we even got fully setup! Somehow in the field, either on the fence being a dick to another dog or on a thorn. So he went home for the day to make sure it clotted and stopped bleeding. Then that night his eyelid got scraped and he had a bloody eye! Sheesh!

He rallied and on Sunday ran his little heart out for me. Poor guy has to have a crappy handler and we had a bobble in the middle but otherwise it was a really nice run!

Sun Standard C-ATCH

Sun Colors

Vader had a great weekend too! Six runs and six Qs. It’s is so much fun to run a dog that enjoys the game. 🙂

Sat Standard

Sat Snooker

Sat Jumpers

Sun Standard

Sun Wildcard

Sun Colors

Is it wrong?

Is it wrong to quit working a dog because they don’t want to work?

Twitch does agility for food. That’s it. He is in it for the food. If I quit playing and training him in agility, he wouldn’t care.

I have often considered this because he doesn’t live to play like Vader does. I often have to call him back to play because he runs towards the house thinking we are done. He is a conundrum.

CPE CAT Ridgefield, WA 2017-08-26

Twitch, Vader, Kris and I went to an agility trial this past weekend hosted by CAT at the Ridgefield Fairgounds in WA.

Vader was 5 runs each day. Twitch 2 one day and 1 the second.

Twitch is only entered in Standard runs because that is what he needs for his C-ATCH. He got one on Saturday afternoon but not so much on the other two. An off course tunnel bit us. Oh well. Someday he will get that last Q.

Vader is doing really well! We had a couple bobbles but he was running fast and happy. If we could only get his weaves down pat, we would be in better shape. He had a couple nice ones but also missed one. 

We did 10 runs and got 9 Qs. The one non-Q was Snooker. I chose an agressive plan and it failed. I found myself blaming him for the bad run when it was really my fault. It always is. I wish I had a magic way to stop blaming the dog instead of my handling. A great weekend and I blamed him. Doesn’t make sense. I need to be very careful about that because I could shut him down with disappointment.

On another note it seems like Twitch is getting better about noises. We had the sprinkler guys come out and take a look at our system today. He barked a few times but I was able to call him over and calm him with pets. Also tonight he was alert to the fact that Kris was upstairs but he didn’t bark as much as he usually does. A symptom of a hot weekend? Or some progress? Let’s hope progress.

Maybe I need this

Perhaps i need this blog that no one reads in order to keep grounded? Somewhere to just put down feelings and thoughts in order to help me.

Its been a rough few weeks. Lots going on and its causing me stress.

Leveling the field. That started a week and a half ago on Thursday and nothing has been done since. So we have a field of dirt.

I would like for them to actually finish sometime soon before summer is over so i can actually use it!

We started a patio project four weeks ago and it will probably take another 4 weeks to finish! In the meantime our backyard and parking area is under construction. 🙁

We had to rent a mini excavator to dig out the yard.

We got one wall mostly done but had to quit because we ran out of glue. More glue and blocks will be delivered on Thursday.

Vader is doing amazing in agility! Fast, paying attention and having fun!

Twitch? Well he is Twitchy. He did so great at CPE Nationals and we even got High in Trial for 12″ Standard dogs Level 5! He was fast and consistent and so so good! Standard has been our nemesis for a while now and he got 3 Qs that weekend! Then the next trial at Ridgefield we got zero. We have never had a zero Q weekend before. I still can’t figure him out.