Maybe I need this

Perhaps i need this blog that no one reads in order to keep grounded? Somewhere to just put down feelings and thoughts in order to help me.

Its been a rough few weeks. Lots going on and its causing me stress.

Leveling the field. That started a week and a half ago on Thursday and nothing has been done since. So we have a field of dirt.

I would like for them to actually finish sometime soon before summer is over so i can actually use it!

We started a patio project four weeks ago and it will probably take another 4 weeks to finish! In the meantime our backyard and parking area is under construction. 🙁

We had to rent a mini excavator to dig out the yard.

We got one wall mostly done but had to quit because we ran out of glue. More glue and blocks will be delivered on Thursday.

Vader is doing amazing in agility! Fast, paying attention and having fun!

Twitch? Well he is Twitchy. He did so great at CPE Nationals and we even got High in Trial for 12″ Standard dogs Level 5! He was fast and consistent and so so good! Standard has been our nemesis for a while now and he got 3 Qs that weekend! Then the next trial at Ridgefield we got zero. We have never had a zero Q weekend before. I still can’t figure him out.

CPE CAT 2016-04-16

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Twitch and I went to CAT’s CPE trial in Ridgefield last weekend. We signed up for 10 runs and ran 9. I knew 10 was a lot but wanted to see how we would do. The weather warmed up for us on Sunday which Twitch didn’t care for and neither did I! I’m becoming a wuss in the heat!

Back to agility. We had 2 Standard runs on Saturday with Fullhouse, Jackpot and Wildcard. We got Qs in Wildcard and Fullhouse. Standard we had some weave issues. Jackpot was a distance gamble and we didn’t get it.

Sunday we ran 1 Standard, Jackpot, Snooker and Colors. We were signed up for Jumpers but we scratched because it was hot and he was not running well. We Qd in Jackpot (non-traditional), Colors and Snooker. An off course tunnel bit is in Standard.

Overall Twitch ran well on Saturday and early Sunday. He was fast and happy and that is what I’m shooting for these days. He was pretty pokey on Sunday except for our first run which is why we pulled from Jumpers.

We struggle with the weaves so I need to work on that.

CPE Fleet Feet 2016/03/26-27

Twitch and I were at it again! We went to Fleet Feet’s March agility trial in Turner this weekend. Good for us because it’s the barn where we train. Twitch is very comfortable there and we had an amazing weekend.

I have been trying to focus on the fun of agility with him because I have been putting too much pressure on us both. That kind of worked at WAG in Corvallis but was really great this weekend. We had some nice flowing courses that didn’t trip us up any. It’s what I strive for with each run and it was amazing to get those in competition.

We ran 7 runs and came home with 6 Qs. We finished three titles this weekend and one more Standard run and we will have our Level 4 title. This weekend was a lot of fun. So proud of my little man.


CPE Fleet Feet 2016-02-13/14

Twitch and I played CPE this weekend in Turner. We entered all 4 runs both days. We got 6 Qs for our efforts with some good stuff in there.

Saturday was Jackpot, Standard, Wildcard and Colors. All Level 4.

Jackpot was a fun course with a bunch of tunnels. We ran fast and smooth.

Standard was great except for a dog walk/tunnel discrimination that we failed so no Q.

Wildcard and Colors went off without a hitch with smooth and fast runs.

Sunday was Fullhouse, Standard, Snooker and Jumpers. All Level 4 except for Fullhouse Level 5.

Fullhouse was good. I planned a long, fast running course and we got to the teeter when the buzzer went off. Took us 11 seconds to get to the table so our 36 point score was reduced to 29.

Standard was going great until the second set of weaves when he popped a pole and shot into the tunnel. So we redid that and things deteriorated from there. I wish I hadn’t fixed the weaves and just kept going. It was already and NQ so why bother? Oh well.

Snooker was good. He started out a little pokey but sped up after the first couple of obstacles. Almost made it through 7 but still Q’d.

Jumpers, again a slow start but last run of the weekend so no surprise there. He picked up speed and we had a good strong finish.

All in all a good weekend with things to work on!

Saturday I took Vader with us and he got to meet people and other dogs. Plus he showed some great attention and heeling inside the barn. He got to play with a 10 month old BC named Lock, a 4.5 month old American Eskimo puppy named Riot and an 11 week old Sheltie named Levi. Plus he played fetch with me in one of the fields for a few minutes. 🙂


Ugh. This day was going ok and then something as stupid as Vader peeing on the floor turned it terrible. At this point I don’t trust my mood to do anything more so 8pm and I’m in bed. Sigh.

I have been super tired lately and I’m trying to fight it but it’s hard. I think it might be closing in on that time of the month. This morning in the shower I thought of Tasha and the last time I saw her. Started bawling.

Ugh. It’s just been a rough few days. I watched Twitch’s runs from the weekend and he is just so slow. I don’t know what to do about it.