Vader’s USDAA Runs 2017-10-13

He still bounds around instead of running in my opinion. Very much a bouncy boy still. 🙂

Team Jumpers
This was a good run. I totally didn’t see the off course jump and didnt do anything about it as a result. But he had a great weave pole entrance!

Team Snooker
Tied with 3 other dogs for most points and was second fastest dog! Go baby dog!

Team Standard
I am not sure why he didnt commit to that jump near the end but the rest was lovely! Lots of dogs got lost at the tunnel next to the aframe from both sides!

Team Gamblers
Got a little greedy on points and missed the buzzer but he had never seen a wall jump and didn’t hesitate at all!

Team Relay
Good stuff here! Great stay and nice run!

Advanced Gamblers
I was sure we would have trouble with this gamble but baby dog pulled through!

Starters Standard
Lovely run. His weaves were great all weekend! Need to work that aframe contact a bit more. Not a fan of all the creeping I saw this weekend.

Starters Jumpers
He was great on this run! They recorded our time wrong so we were not the second fastest dog, by a lot. Lol didn’t matter because that off course jump killed our Q anyway. Everything was good but you can really see the bouncy puppy in the beginning. 🙂

We placed second in Team on Friday  with April and Zippy and Libbi and Tosca. Two tournament Qs down for the baby dog just getting into Advanced!

First USDAA Team Event!

Tomorrow Vader and I try our hand at USDAA Team. We partner with two other handlers and their dogs to form a team. We are the Motley Crew. Libbi Peltz with Tosca and April Meyer with Zip. Our scores are added up over 4 classes, Standard, Gamblers, Jumpers and Snooker. Then we run a 3 person relay for final points.

The courses are judged at Masters level and have a bit of Masters and Master Challenge in them. We do great on courses like that in practice so it will be fun to see how we do in a trial. Vader needs another Starters Standard Q before we can move up to Advanced.

Sunday both Vader and Twitch will get to run Tunnelers! I can’t wait to see what Vader does with all tunnels! Lol

Vader USDAA 2017-09-17

This weekend Vader and I ventured to a USDAA trial at Daisy Peel’s Clear Mind Agility place. It was a small trial and our ring was outside on very nice green grass! Yesterday was lovely weather and got only a little warm in the afternoon. Today was cooler and very windy but we got done before the rain hit!

Vader ran really really well this weekend! We had 4 runs each day.

Saturday was Starters Standard. He had trouble with the weave poles and after several attempts to get him to take them I aborted and so no Q. Everything else in the run was lovely!

Then came Advanced Gamblers. There was an opportunity to practice those weaves because they were coming up in the next course too. He ran by them the first time but I swung him back around all happy and we took the jump again and then he got them! Didn’t get the gamble but his weaves were lovely!

Then was Steeplechase. He went past the weaves on one of the passes through (had to do them twice) but the other time he nailed them. We did circle back around when he ran by and he got them on the second try. We were too slow by 2 seconds or something to Q but that’s ok.

Then was Advanced Snooker. It was a great run. No problems except for me not getting to position correctly so that was a Q.

Sunday we started with Starters Standard and he nailed the weaves on the first try! I bobbled a little but we pulled off a Q!

Second was Starters Pairs. We paired with Gadjet, a young BC. We both did great and Vader got to repeat those weaves!

Third was second round of Steeplechase. Started with jump weaves again and we were well versed by then and he did great!

Fourth and final run was Starters Jumpers. I often leave early and miss this run but since it was only noon, we stayed. We had one Q already and didn’t need more, but since we were there…. Vader had a lovely run and again, I bobbled a bit but still pulled out a Q!

We ended up getting second in our jump height for Steeplechase and Third overall in our height for Standard! I am very pleased with his runs and eagerness to play with me.

USDAA WAG 2016/03/19

Twitch and I attended WAG’s USDAA trial on Saturday at the Linn County Fairgrounds in Corvallis. We entered one day because WAG kept posting how much better the footing was. They said they were raking it each night but IMO it’s not the hardness but all the damn rocks!

Twitch has never run well there and I’m not going to enter him there again. I was going for fun courses and motivation as an I don’t care about these Qs courses and for the most part that is how it went. Until Snooker and the aframe. Which he refused twice. So no more Corvallis trials for us.

Standard I didn’t support one jump enough and he went around it, so we didn’t Q.

Gamblers we were doing well but I was too far forward for the last jump of the Gamble and he came into me instead of taking the jump. Then after going past it I tried to salvage things and he back jumped. Oh well.

Snooker I was going for three 7s which meant three aframe a and he refused the first but I made him go up and then he refused again. I bailed and we did two tunnels instead.

Jumpers he did not start out with any motivation or speed so we looped through 6 jumps and was done. 

I liked the first two runs but the last two were not great. I have work to do. Sigh.

RAT USDAA 2015-11-14/15

Twitch, Kris and I headed up to Elma, WA on a familiar adventure with a new twist. We stayed in a hotel. All three of us. 

The hotel was just down the road from the trial site so super convenient for me. We arrived Friday with a pretty tuned up Twitch. He was raring to go but it was time for bed. The drive was awful with constant rain in the dark and I was tired and ready for sleep. Twitch was not.

The first night was not as bad as I was prepared for but it wasn’t that great. He mostly growled at noises but settled and ignored it with gentle touches and reassurances. At 4 am however he alarm barked and woke both Kris and I from a sound sleep. It was not a super restful night. 

The second night was much better. Twitch slept under the covers at my feet with fewer growls and one alarm bark at 11pm. Hopefully the folks above and below us weren’t also jolted awake.

This was a new site for us and Twitch was distracted. His first run in Gamblers on Sat was pretty good. He ran around the aframe and didn’t stop in his 2o2o for the dog walk but he did for his second aframe attempt. His wide turn over a jump meant he took another jump and good thing because without it we wouldn’t have gotten enough points! He got the gamble nice and smooth! Q.

Next was Standard. That was a disaster. He ran around the aframe and teeter. Popped his weaves and then we skipped a bunch of stuff because he was distracted. No Q.

Pairs. Well it was moderately better but not great. Entered the weaves correctly but then began sniffing. He ran past the teeter again, so two faults and no Q.

We entered Steeplechase for the first time. It was late in the day and we were both tired. We had a pretty nice run but he faulted the weaves and ran around a jump on a wide turn so no Q. But the rest of it was really pretty and his second weaves were gorgeous!

Sunday brought Snooker. He was still distracted with wide turns but we managed to make it through 7 with a Q. That was our third Q in P2 so now we can move up to P3 Snooker and start chasing Super Qs!

Last on Sunday was Standard again. We had a nice run but he was still distracted. I stopped him at one point and asked for his attention because he was not paying me any mind. Then he took the wrong end of a tunnel by going behind me off the teeter! Ugh! So no Q but the first half was really nice and he did stop in his 2o2o for me. 🙂

So a new venue and Kris was in and out of the picture a bit. Not sure if it was Kris or the venue. Otherwise I really like the venue and will go back there again. Crating area was heated which was really nice for a winter trial where it rained all day on Saturday. Plus RAT gives out pretty ribbons for titles.