A Perfect Weekend

I took Kota and Tasha to a CPE trial this weekend hosted by K9 Athletes in Indianapolis.  I had Kota entered in 5 runs and Tasha in 4. Kota was entered in Standard both days but he only needed one more Q in Level 3 for his title, so I scratched him on Sunday because it would not have counted for anything and ya know, he’s 11.  😉  So both dogs ran 4 runs each and both dogs earned 4 Q’s each.  I was very proud of my “kids” this weekend.  Kota barked his fool head off the whole weekend and I must apologize to the 3 K’s for his loud, obnoxious self.  (That’s Kerry, Karen and Kathy!)

But it was a very sad day for me too. I was getting ready to leave and realized I may never see some of these folks again. So I turned around to say goodbye to a few people and began to get very sad.  While we didn’t talk all the time or hang out all the time, these were my agility “friends” and it was probably the last time I’ll see them.  I’m not entered in any more trials here in Indiana and my plan is to move over Christmas break, so I have no reason to see them all again. I couldn’t help but get sad and even began to cry when saying goodbye to Karen Sollars.

She and I had bonked heads so hard one day during warm ups for our runs, that she ended up with a huge bump on her forehead and I had a quite a lump over my temple.  We were both warming up our dogs, looking at them and not watching where we were going. Her forehead connected quite forcefully with the side of my head and I think we both hit the floor, though neither of us landed on our dogs, which was very good and neither of us blacked out, which was also good.

So I found her out as I was leaving because we parked our crates near the back door together this weekend and we chatted more than normal.  I became a blubbering idiot of course and then it was hard to keep my composure as I drove home too.  Tears do not make for driving well!

So for all my agility friends and acquaintances that I know in Indiana, thank you all for your friendship and well-wishes for runs and for K9 Athletes and Pawsitive Partners for some great agility trials! I wish you all many more clean, fast runs in agility with your canine partners!!