Silver Falls State Park

Kris, myself and Bryan and Michelle Decker went to Silver Falls State Park on Sunday.  The Deckers came out to Oregon to support Kris during his grand opening on Saturday at Blue Element Scuba and Adventure Center.

Kris was given Sunday off to “soak up as much Decker as he could”.  Michelle and I had decided some falls were in order for the weekend so we headed to Silver Falls for the day and Bryan and Kris came along.  It was a partly sunny, partly cloudy day and we all had a great time.  The falls were beautiful and this park boasts over 10 different falls, we saw 4 of them.  You can see all of the pictures worth posting below.

Silver Falls State Park

I have promised photos of our RV park and the surrounding settings, so here they are.

This is the “field” that at the time was mostly flooded. See that water to the right? That’s the “field”.

Here is the gist of what the RV park looks like.

Here’s our “home”.

Dandelions signify spring to Michelle. To me they signify time to spray!!!

This is a tree along the Rickreall Creek which is what was flooding.